Spider S-DIGC-0006 S-Series High Resolution Digital Coaxial Cable

General Information

Spider S-Series High Resolution Digital Coaxial Cable provides the optimum quality of transfer and delivers true 75-ohm impedance. It allows the highest bandwidth for accurate, reliable image delivering quality even over a long distance. This results in an extremely accurate transmission of the digital signal for true 5.1 surround sound from your system. The S-Series Digital Coaxial Cable is built with high-end materials which deliver the most stable transfer quality. The exquisitive details and finish blend well with the home entertainment system. The highly sophisticated engineered design of the cable comprises of silver-coated copper conductors to deliver extra wide bandwidth for low frequency sounds. The connector is 24k gold-plated to deliver flawless signal transfer and resistance to corrosion. The 6 petals design contact connector allows for heat dispersion and strong connection to the home system. In order to prevent any signal interference, the cable is wrapped with quad-shielding to reject noise and interference. Nitrogen-injected dielectric material maximizes signal strength for true color and picture clarity.


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