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Avant - garde
Pros: + Neutral and balanced tuning
+ Class leading technicalities
+ Natural and realistic timbre
+ Excellent transparency and fidelity
+ Resolving and refined
+ Expanded soundstage with pinpoint imaging
+ Bass boost switch
+ Available both in universal and custom editions
+ Lightweight and very comfortable thanks for the unique Flex Fit Pro™ technology
+ Excellent passive noise attenuation
+ Excellent build quality and after sales support
+ High quality cable by Null Audio
+ Accessories
Cons: - Slightly lacking in physical impact
- Not that full bodied
- Revealing nature requires careful matching
- A modular cable would add greater value
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Executive summary

Soundz is an in-ear monitors manufacturer based in Greece where all earphones are handmade in their own private facilities. Soundz is well known both in the domestic and international pro-markets where some of the best singers and musicians are using their in-ear monitors.

The company is now expanding their line to reach deeper into the audiophile community. Two such products are the brand new, 8-driver Flame and their flagship, the 10-driver Avant.

All earphones can be made with both a universal and custom fit.

The Avant is Soundz’s flagship in-ear monitor that features 10 balanced armature drivers per side together with an advanced 4-way crossover.

4BA drivers for the lows and mid-bass, 2 BA drivers for the upper mids and 4 BA drivers to handle the high and ultra high frequencies. All drivers are made by Sonion.

One unique feature of the custom edition is the Flex Fit Pro™ technology that employs a revolutionary flexible resin material in each custom in-ear monitor stem. This unique resin is fully adjustable to ear canal temperature within a few minutes of use.

The Avant comes equipped with the newly-developed Immersive Mode, a feature that alters the internal impedance of the circuit and acts as an analog bass boost. The function is engaged by a micro-switch at the faceplate.

The Avant is lightweight, well made and extremely comfortable. The appearance of the Avant is fully customizable through Soundz website where you can choose colors, engrave your favorite logo etc.

The high quality cable that comes with the Avant is the Ethos MKV premium upgrade cable from the famous manufacturer Null Audio.

The Avant is very easy to drive but is also very sensitive to source noise and it scales incredibly well so it should be only matched with high quality sources.

The sound signature of the Avant is neutral - balanced with reference bass, engaging and highly resolving mids and the most refined treble which is just slightly sharp. But you can the treble smoother and the bass to sound fuller by just using the immersive switch. Technicalities, transparency, fidelity and clarity are class leading and among the best in the market.

The Avant might be crystal clear, resolving and detailed but is not analytical, clinical or boring. It manages to combine state-of-the-art technicalities and transparency with a musical and engaging nature. Of course the high revealing nature means that you should be careful with source matching and recording quality.

The soundstage is wide, expanded and spacious with excellent imaging and pinpoint positioning. The soundstage is immersive and holographic with plenty of ambience.

The Avant is an earphone with flagship sound quality and technicalities that has nothing to fear from the competition. It is also very lightweight, well made, extremely comfortable and so right priced that it should be considered as a TOTL bargain.
Give it a try and, trust me, you will not be disappointed.
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