· High-quality wood design for a remarkable deep bass experience. · Comfortable...

Soundsoul S-018 Acoustic Natural Ebony Wood and Metal Fusion Earphones

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  • · High-quality wood design for a remarkable deep bass experience.

    · Comfortable ergonomic in-ear design that effectively isolates outside noise.

    · High-quality headphone cable that ensures "no tangles" and greater durability.

    · Three sizes of soft silicone earplugs to ensure natural wearing comfort.

    · Applicability to iPod/iPhone/iPad and other portable media players.

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  1. ajlan
    "The JOKE"
    Pros - Perfect Soundstage, Best Timbre Among budget iems, Clear&Sharp with Visceral Bass Rendering, Almost Perfect Separation, Low Harmonic Distortion
    Cons - Cable has memory, Not best for digital music kinds
    I have purchased this iem (wooden one) just because it is so cheap and has good reviews. You know good reviews do not necessarily mean you will like that phones. Look at my reviews and You will see I am a price quality guy who seek the best value among headphones. I try to get a set which covers one reference iem,one bassy-punchy,one over-head and one iem for all around best within low budget but without compromise quality for the purpose. This iems is the answer for all around best without any hesitation. I have no chance to buy premium iems like JVC's but if You are low budget this is definitely the best iem you can buy. You risk just 12 $ but the return of this small risk is absolutely amazing.
    + Perfect Soundstage. It has wider potential if you use matched amp/dac. 
    + Clear &Sharp with Visceral Bass Rendering.
    + Mids, Highs are naturally balanced nothing aggressive or laid-back. JUST RIGHT.
    + Bass response is natural and visceral. It has enough kick and warm colored ( The only remarkable colorization I noticed. Timbre is perfectly natural-comfortable )
    + Vocals are clear easily separated from harmony. 
    + Low Harmonic Distortion which signifies bright but not fatiguing experience.  I think right and left channel have minimum difference.
    + Wooden case might cause less acoustic resonance. It is a huge joy to listen strings based instruments.
    + Easily driven.
    I have no complaint apart from cheap cables. This iems deserves tangle free cable.
    I gonna buy one more for back-up ..dear fellows, go get one...
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  2. hahaxixi
    "Good sound"
    Pros - Prefect lines and good design
    Cons - So so bass
    I rarely write reviews but after spending so much time trying to find good in-ear headphones I think my search has finally ended. I'm very impressed with the clarity of the sound through the entire sound range. The bass is also very impressive; something about it just feels right. They also feel very comfortable as well; most in-ear buds tend to make my ear canals uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so (even after playing around with different fittings) but I've worn these for 1.5+ hours and feel no discomfort. I had the Klipsch S4 before these; while they were nice, the aux plug started failing on me (would have to constantly turn it after plugging it in to get both channels to work).

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