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Soundsly Apaisant

  1. Shotgunsingh
    Soundsly Apaisant
    Written by Shotgunsingh
    Published Mar 10, 2019
    Pros - open back
    Wide sound
    Lovely mids
    Best under 50$
    Cons - Wire could be sturdy
    9C092042-B539-4C18-B13B-8E6244593A60.jpeg F6B961E2-3579-4988-ABC8-996505C1775B.jpeg 939689AA-02BA-4351-A534-FD9A2C01131F.jpeg HiFiNage Soundsly Apaisant. Open back luxury in budget

    First thing I will say, WOW. Just WOW.

    So I have used FH1, RHA ma650

    Source OnePlus 5t - tidal - q1mk2

    Sound quality is just brilliant.
    I would say these are a breath of fresh air.

    If you like to listen songs sitting near a pond in a green park these would be my preferred drivers. (weird comparison? Trust me I know!)

    I will not go into technical details, that you can find on the Hifinage page.

    Just my experience.

    Sound stage, Sound stage, Sound stage. So much soundstage very nice.
    Just so much space created by these drivers
    You can spread a live performance inside you head even with your eyes open.

    Bass and sub bass Is brilliant not punchy. You could say it's the amount intended by artists.
    And of course you can tweek that by dacs and equalizer

    Mids are very well defined nicely separated from bass.
    Details in the instrumental sound is very noticable

    Highs are pleasant and not piercing at all.
    Guitar strings and symbal sounds are so clear seem like they are being played in front of you.

    My first open back and what an experience. Openness should be a top selling point I would say.

    Just love their sound signature

    I mean I was in aww after listening FH1 I really liked the wide sound stage.

    But the Soundsly definitely have worked their hearts out in making their first product.

    Love it.

    Product link

    Recommended playlist :

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    1. ginger2017
      Hi, Great review,

      But they ship them only in India on the Hifinage website.
      ginger2017, Mar 14, 2019
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