SoundPeats Truengine 3 SE Bluetooth Earbuds


100+ Head-Fier
SoundPeats Truengine 3 SE Bluetooth Earbuds
Pros: Dual Dynamic Drivers
Qualcomm aptX Audio
CVC Noise Cancellation
30 Hours Playtime
Cons: - Noise isolation could be improved

I recently received the SOUNDPEATS Truengine 3 SE earbuds and was looking forward to checking them out after having read that they utilized the QCC3020 Chipset and had AptX. I was looking forward to putting them through their paces to see how they would sound.

Acessories -

Included with the earbuds is a USB C cable, USB charging case, and six ear tips -


Included Comply tips


Variety of tips

Features -


The Truengine 3 SE have some nice features such as AptX for better Bluetooth audio and lower latency when watching videos. They are also IPX5 rated so they are splash-proof and sweat-proof, so they are ready for the gym, but not for hanging out in a torrential rain storm. The battery life allows for 6.5 hours of play time, but the included cases gives 30 total hours of play time. The earbuds also have two dynamic drivers for a better listening experience when playing music and two microphones to help filter out ambient sound when on calls.

Design -


I used an image from SOUNDPEATS site to show how they fit, their ear model was better than mine, I am not an ear model.


The case collects fingerprints, but the earbuds luckily do not

SOUNDPEATS Truengine 3 SE earbuds earbuds are nicely designed, fitting the contours of you ear, which is a nice departure from some of their competitors. The 3 SE definitely fit securely but you will really want to try all the tips to see which best fits your ears before taking them anywhere. I at first tried the largest size, but ultimately chose the medium tips for example, those tips fit my ears the best. The Truengine 3 SE are made of a durable black plastic, although luckily they have some grip to them so they are not easily dropped. On the back side is the gold SOUNDPEATS S logo. I liked the color scheme, it helps them stand out from the other earbuds. Incorporated into the logo is the touch controls. You can make calls, skip tracks and so on. The touch controls are very precise and it is nice not having to press hard or tap against them forcefully which I found kind of annoying in some of the models I have tested in the past. For example, touch one time for volume on the right bud, 2x to play\pause, one time on the left bud to lower volume etc.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 5.41.21 PM.png

Here is a snapshot from the manual of the touch controls


The USB C case is a nicely shaped clamshell design, it fit easily in my pocket and it felt durable.

Battery life and Connectivity -


The Truengine 3 SE when fully charged averaged about 6.5 hours when I used them. With the case that gives you about 30 hours total of play time. When I charged the case it took almost 3 hours with the USB C cable connected to a 2 amp wall-wort. For connectivity, I found the SOUNDPEATS to have a very good connection, thanks in no small part to Bluetooth 5.0. They paired to my phone very quickly and effortlessly. I was unable to break connection by putting my LG G8 ThinQ in my back pocket. I left my phone on the windowsill of the gym and walked away to something like 40 feet and the connection was still good. There was no problem with connectivity when I went hiking, it was very solid.

Sound Quality -

With the dual dynamic drivers and AptX I was expecting some great sound and these did not disappoint. They have a nice wide soundstage. The instrumentation was clear and there was nice separation. The bass was not muddy at all, something that I hate because I am not a bass-head. If you are looking for punchy bass the SE 3 have it. There was decent mid-bass and the highs were crisp and not shrill. Vocals sounded good to me also. I listened to all kinds of genres, from Metal to Classical and the True Engine SE 3 were up to the task. If you are interested in using these for watching video I found no latency when watching video content on my phone or pc, These earbuds did a great job overall. I did find that they did not block out ambient noise as well as I would have liked. I would like to see if the next iteration incorporates some active noise cancelling, but still keep the price reasonable.

Call Quality -


I took several calls over the course of my using the Truengine SE 3. Utilizing 2 noise cancelling mics per side, they did really well when I was out and about. A good test was to call my parents, where someone's hearing would not be as good. They send that the call quality was good, that I did not sound distorted. I also used them on a Teams call and they also excelled there. I did find that they faltered when in 10-15mph winds, the person I called said there was lots of static, but that would be hard for lots of earbuds\headphones to contend with.

Conclusion -


The SOUNDPEATS Truengine 3 SE earbuds were great overall, I think at their current price point, $50, they are very compelling. With AptX, good battery life, and sound quality, they are hard to beat. I really enjoy listening to music with them and think most people will be happy with them. The only problem I had is using them in noisy environments, where their noise isolation is not the best. Other than that, these would be a great choice for someone looking for a gym earbud or to be used on the go. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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for $50 dollars, you can't really go wrong given that price point, I just dont know how they are accomplishing this for $50