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Soundmagic MP21

  • Same as PL21 - added microphone for phone headset usage

Recent Reviews

  1. smitty1ky
    Written by smitty1ky
    Published Feb 5, 2015
    Pros - Price, all around quality, aluminum housing, pause/skip abilities, microphone, comfortable, included carrying pouch
    Cons - slight build quality issues, no distribution in the US, cable collects lint and dust from my pocket
    I love these earbuds. At the time of writing, these are literally my favorite in ears ever. While Im sure they cant compete with anything over $200, I've never payed more than $45 for earbuds. At the $20 I payed for these, I could cry at how great they sound.
       -Bass is slightly boosted, but not overpowering in any way.
       -Mids are very in control, seem to be very precise.
       -Highs are brilliant and seemingly infinite.
    Audio quality for any price up to $125 can be compared to these ear buds and have a chance of losing the fight.
    My only real con with these in-ears is build quality.
    while I didn't find it to be as big an issue as others have, the part of the set that goes in your ear and the body of the Bud on one side did separate, however scotch tape has been getting me by just fine, and superglue would be the more permanent option. Personally, I see this as negligible because it didn't affect audio quality in the slightest, and they still take a massive beating. The seperation of that tip happened within the first 2 or 3 weeks, and I have had no issue since then.

    If I would recommend any in ear for any price, I would recommend the SoundMAGIC MP21/PL21.
    Sadly, however, I believe these are being discontinued in favor of SoundMAGIC's E series, and reviews say the E10 ear buds stack up and sound even better. Those are on their way and a review is coming there as well.
    I left some wiggle room on the bars because I dont have a multimillion dollar frame of reference.


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