The SoundMAGIC HP100 is a premium quality full size headphone specifically designed for audio...

SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphone

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  • The SoundMAGIC HP100 is a premium quality full size headphone specifically designed for audio enthusiasts with a taste for exceptional musical performance.

    - Driver: Dynamic 53mm Neodymium Drivers
    - Frequency range: 10Hz~30KHz
    - Impedance: 32Ω (±10%)
    - Sensitivity: 95dB/mW @ 1KHz (±3dB)
    - Maximum input power: 100mW
    - Cable length: 1.2m (3.5ft) coiled
    - Connection: 3.5mm gold plated plug
    - Weight: 288g

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  1. harry501501
    "Best value headphones.... EVER"
    Pros - Neutral and detailed, wonderful warm punchy accurate bass that behaves very well, very comofrtable
    Cons - None that i can think of
    These are easily the best headphones I have. They are a strange set in that they have a nice flat neutral sound signature that gives great detailed mids and highs, but have great sub and mid bass, that is so accurate and warm but doesn't effect the neutrality of the other frequencies. Bass has a slam and presence that make them so much fun to listen to. It at no point though takes over, this is not a set with just bassheads in mind (even though they'd be more than happy with them), it is for those who like to hear the music as produced, possibly even to analytical stage.
    The HP100 just does everything right. For me they easily outperformed my Senn HD650 and AKG K550. They are equally as detailed but with much needed bass presence that they both don't have. 650 users will dispute this, but it's what I hear even amp'd properly. They are also easier on the ears than the Grado sr80es I had, but again with similar detail and resolution. Everything just falls into place no matter the genre.
    Highs - crisp and cymbals and drums have an attack and decay a little similar to HD25ii's.
    Mids - Vocals are great, they sit nicely in the centre and have great tone for both male and female singers. Guitars have energy and can be mildly aggressive but not in a bright fatiguing way.
    Lows - The bass on these as i said is just remarkable imo. I'm hearing bass in a way I never have before, hearing the bass cords in Queen songs that I've only faintly heard even though i've been a mega fan since i was a teen. It is so much fun. Bass at no point bleeds into the mids as it behaves itself.
    Soundstage - Widest I've heard in a closed back. Great imaging and placement. Great depth. Those who enjoy hearing big orchestras will enjoy placing the various instruments.
    These are fantastic for movies, watching the new Star wars is a joy. You can follow those Tie-Fighters as they zip across the sky and those light saber battles you'll watch over and over again. I'd guess gamers will love them too for similar reasons, very 3D.
    Vs HP150s
    I've had the HP150s too, anyone that says they should sound the exact same since they use similar parts need to actually judge them side by side. The HP150s are aggressive up top and sibilance is a major problem. Bass is done better on the hp100s too, much better. They are similar in the mids though and in soundstage. Comfort wise they are both super comfy and you can wear them for hours on end without distraction.
  2. The Third
    "Magical and yes, epic in every sense of sound's advice. The only headphone you will ever need."
    Pros - Sub-bass, attacking detailed mids, immense detail and control in highs, unbeatable soundstage in closed headphone, most energetic headphone I've heard
    Cons - The cup holder WILL break on you in time, if not being extremely cautious.
    Replacement review inbound *
  3. ChrisDesir
    "Perfect Balance Headphones"
    Pros - Clarity, Detail,Highs,Mids, are very amazing. as well as serious headphones
    Cons - not fun headphones (not for bassheads), Recommend for recording/beat makers., sometimes its boring,
    Bought these cans on sale, once i put the vocal/dubstep/beats tracks on, i was extremely amaze. These headphones is way to balance yet its not really fun like v shape cause there not balance. but you'll love hearing it on and off. the bass is perfect where it is, like other reviews. if its bass song, then it will turn into its full potential, but if its not, then it will have a decent bass, had the ath m50 and the m50 has a little more punch than the soundmagic but does not beat in its details. love these headphones even if i broke it in like three months, going to buy for my collection though whenever it come on sale.

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