SOUL SL300 Over Ear Headphones

General Information

Prepare for a high definition, fully isolated listening experience any time, any place with the SL300. These powered performance headphones are engineered to deliver such a high quality of pristine, balanced sound that they are appropriate for use by music professional and they're also a stylish option for the tasteful traveler looking for superior noise cancelling technology. Whether you're a producer, a DJ or a music aficionado the SOUL by Ludacris experience delivers sound that moves your soul.

Latest reviews

Pros: Very comfortable, has a lot of features from light up badges able to turn the the output to high or low, and active noise canceling, pre-empted (pro/)
Cons: Buzzes when near certain objects, needs two AAA batteries, Mid's are recessed, the sound canceling is poor, and better options are out there
With abut 60hrs burn the sl300 really open up while the bass become not as tight the mid's sound better and not as recessed


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