SOUL by Ludacris SL49 Ultra Dynamic In-Ear Headphones (Silver)

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  1. Miniclap1
    "Good pair of headphones but a little too expensive"
    Pros - Good Isolation; Balanced Bass
    Cons - No Android Version; Needs Tempering
    This can be said as a uncut ruby, why? Because it needs a lot of tempering.
    First time I used it, the human voice in my music was muffled by the background track itself but it wasn't to the point where you can't actually hear the lyrics itself (unlike monster beats).
    Though it didn't sound amazing at first, I gave it a try, mainly because it was on a discount; if it were at its original price, i would have gone for something else.
    Brought it back and immediately start tempering it with pink noise at a high level.
    The sound quality improved by a lot even just after a day of tempering.
    Mainly, what i can say about these headphones is:
    - Good Isolation
    - Comfortable
    - Recommended for music that have more bass, although instrumentals are highly recommended as well
    - Has a mic attached to it
    - Wire is very solid, (quite heavy duty)
    The only bad things about the SL49 is:
    - NEEDS TEMPERING to get full effect
    - Volume control only supports Apple products (Needs one for Android)
    O yea, one more thing. IT NEEDS TEMPERING!