Sony Xperia S Black

Sony Xperia S Black

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  1. TheBrutux168
    "Tiny Review"
    Pros - Great performance for price, Good camera, Sound Quality
    Cons - Battery Life,
    Performance: Generally really well. Shouldn't lag at all with normal usage. Should be able to handle most modern apps. I managed to get around 8000 on Antutu Benchmark. Currently runs Android 4.0.4 with Android Jelly Bean scheduled later. Not too much built in Sony useless stuff.
    Camera: One of the best for a phone
    Design: Pocket friendly and comfortable to hold. Nice looks
    Battery life: Terrible. Half a day with average use
    Sound quality: Really nice. The software equalizer settings works rather well. The pre-installed music app (Walkman) is very user friendly and also very powerful. Though you can get many other different music players from the Play Store.
  2. Pruikki
    "Tiny review"
    Pros - Sound quality
    Cons - non removable battery&memory card slot.
    Screen is better than iphone retina at 342 Ppi, Sharp screen with good black color and punchy colors. so no need for  Amoled screen here, this TFT is best of its class.
    CPU....its old but its the BEst old... Qualcomm S3 Dual 1,5 Ghz. handles 1,7 Ghz aswell.
    Good CPU, fast enough not to ask for something better.
    GPU, Adreno 220, this is the Fastest Droid with 220, S3 chip. SOn Did the best optimisation here, Hats off to games play fine, its fast not laggy and works fine, no issues.
    Camera: Sharp, Better than Galaxy S3 in details, But the thing is, that its too Overcompressed photos.
    No worry if u are rooted and know ur stuff, theres fix for that, camera mod, picture Quality then is on par with Nokia N8....So close. 
    Video is the only con...Video is 20 Mbs at 1080p FHD, its still too soft for a high en device. video is clear and nice but not as sharp as any other droid with same option.
    best in photos, worst in video sharpness details(soft but good fps and overall quality just soft)
    Music, Rockbox, PowerAmp, PlayerPro, Walkman...i prefer PowerAmp  coz of the EQ. PlayerPro has bet UI though.
    So is it good:
    YES, cheap too! 
    Fast, 720p 4,3 inch Screen is colorfull!
    ,Good battery life!
    Easy to root!
    26 GB memory, its fast too!
    Amazing camera! with many camera apps and mods...amazing
    looks nice too
    BEST VALUE FOR MONEY AT germany getgoods 330€
    u can find this a low as 320€ but mainly its 399 or 349 or so.... Best value...

    its 300,00€ thats Crazy cheap!
    go ahead and get one! production is stopping so price i awesome!

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