Sony XBA-C10IP Balanced Armature In-Earphone - White

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Type: Closed, Balanced Armature

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New Head-Fier
Pros: SQ to price ratio, lightweight, good fit, can output bass response with EQ
Cons: Thin bass without EQ, thin cables
I was someone who listen to a lot of electronic music, and tried many sub $50/100 earphones that are mostly bass heavy like CX300, EP630, Klipsch S4 etc, I was satisfied with their better than stock earbud sound.
One day I saw that one on sale and gave it a chance, since I've heard of BA having clear sound compared to dynamic. I was disappointed at first, due to the obvious weakness in bass, and I stopped using them for a while until I played around with my J3's EQ, adding bass and to my surprise, it is able to have adequate bass after all. Progressively I grew used to it, then when I switch back to these bass heavy earphones, they sound so much more muddy in comparison, I immediately missed the clarity that the C10s offer.
Must admit, these phones amazed me with price to sound quality ratio. They also scale very well with better dac and amp. They are not that sensitive, I could use them with iDSD at 100% volume without loosing my hearing. When added my Pan Am to the chain, they sounded astonishing, almost as good as Alpha Dogs. So, really for 50 EUR they are bargain!
they have very nice creamy mids


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