Sony MZ-R700PC MiniDisc Player

General Information

Product Description
The Sony MZ-R700PC Recordable MiniDisc Walkman offers features such as G Protection Jog Proof and up to 53 hours of battery life, using Stamina batteries (not supplied). The R700 also features MiniDisc Long Play (MDLP) for extended recording time. This feature offers the user 2 or 4 times the playing time of Standard Play in digital stereo, allowing up to 320 minutes playing time on one 80 minute MiniDisc - that's over 5 hours! The MZ-R700PC comes supplied with a PC Link cable, to link your MiniDisc Walkman to a PC. In this way, files already downloaded from the Internet or from the PC's CD drive can be easily transferred onto MiniDisc. Supplied with rechargeable battery and carrying case with belt clip.


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