Sony MZ-N505S Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder (Silver)

General Information

Sony's MZ-N505 Net MD Walkman Recorder has everything you need to create great-sounding music mixes in record time. In addition to transferring your music in up to 32x speed, title and track information created in OpenMG Jukebox is transferred to the MiniDisc. With Easy Skip group folder function, you can arrange songs into groups or "albums" in OpenMG Jukebox and easily transfer them to the MZ-N505 Net MD Recorder. If you record five hours of music, you can simply skip from group to group to suit your mood. And your mood can change as many times as you want with up to 56 hours of playback with one "AA" alkaline battery. You even get a choice of 12 playback modes for a choice of programs for shuffling, repeating and grouping tracks. Get your downloads - even faster - and Go with Net MD Walkman!


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