Great sound in comfort Enjoy an extraordinary audio experience. You ll feel music with warmth,...

Sony MH1C Smart Headset for Sony Xperia S / P / Arc / Arc S / Ion / Neo / NXT / Play Mobile Phones with SmartKey Control - Black

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  • Great sound in comfort Enjoy an extraordinary audio experience. You ll feel music with warmth, clarity and realism. Genuine sound faithful to the original recording. The Sony Cell phone flat cable is durable and doesn t tangle. Call and listen to music in handsfree comfort. Out of the pocket and into the ears. No hassle. Do more with SmartKey control More than a headset. Need to make a note when you re on the go? Press SmartKey and say what you want to remember. At a party and love the song that s got the joint jumping? Fire up TrackID with a simple press of a button. Cool? But that s just the beginning. SmartKey finds and controls all apps. Quick and easy. Standard audio plug Enjoy superior sound on any device. Most consumer electronics manufacturers use the same 3.5mm / 0.14in audio output. This means that you can connect and use this headset with your phone, computer or gaming console.

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  1. shahkhan
    "Good enough"
    Pros - Clearity, good Bass, well tuned highs, well built
    Cons - Extremely uncomfortable to wear, and to get a good seal
    I got these sony buds for around $30 from ebay. I like bassy and warm sound, so I guess bass quantity is good. Treble is nicly tuned and clear, not sibilant. Mids are rolled off a little. But these sony buds are horrible when it comes to using them, bcz if are wearing these while walking or workout, you to readjust them every 10 secs to get good seal. Also one would not get optimum results from this headphone if your source is any android phone etc. All in all, its nice gear in this price tag. cheers guys

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