Sony MDRZX300


Pros: Decent sound with amping, easily portable with a case
Cons: Comfort, needs an amp to sound good, very plasticy
As my first review, bear with me. My previous headphone experience only includes earbuds that came with any smartphone I purchased and Bose Tri-port headphones.
These are my first Sony headphones and I knew right away that these were going to need an amp to sound good at all, which is true but they are definitely lacking bass. I wore these on an airplane thinking with the amp they would be fine, I heard more airplane nose than anything. The isolation on these is terrible, and turning up the volume in any sort of noisy environment only brings out the highs and hurts your ears.
At home or in the office with no other noise around you, they're completely fine, but this is where the comfort factor comes in to play. After a session of listening to them the pads really start to flatten down, which gets to be very uncomfortable. For short, quick listening sessions those these will work fine with an amp.
For the price, they're not bad, but considering the comfort factor and the need for an amp, I wouldn't buy these again.


New Head-Fier
Pros: price, looks nice, natural sound (not balanced since no bass).
Cons: too bright, hurts ears, poor isolation, leakage of sound, NO BASS.
for price, these could be ok. but i think there are more enjoyable ones in this price. why buy cans in low price? good cans would be £35 at least. get iems and enjoy.
had them for 2 days, returned them. 
the sound is balanced, except the bass, they're lacking.
the sound isn't warm, it's bright and annoying, so not nice to listen to.
but does sound realistic. 
update: hd201 is better choice at this price. al least, they're not as bright and more comfortable 


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Usual sony sound.
Cons: Ok build quality, not very comfortable, sound is tinny to me.
I decided to purchase these so that I wouldn't wear out my Aerial7 Pheonix's. I prefer headphones with swiveling ear cups so that I can wear them on the back of my neck so I don't lose my hair from headphones. Comfort isn't the greatest in the world but they are tolerable for about an hour. The equipment that these are being used with a Dell Vostro 1500 and 6+ year old Sony CD Walkmans.
For me, the phones sound best when they're connected to a Walkman. Here are the specs to these phones.
Frequency Response: 10-24,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 102 db
Impedance: 24 ohms
Driver: CCAW
Cord: 4 feet
Magnet: Neodymium