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Sony MDR1RBT Premium Bluetooth Over The Head Headphone, Black

  • Countless details combined to deliver: precision sound quality, thoughtful design, and long-term comfort. Available in three models, including Bluetooth and Digital Noise Canceling capable models, Sony MDR-1R headphones offer premium style with performance for a headphone experience without equal.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tostitostelli
    Suprisingly amazing
    Written by Tostitostelli
    Published Mar 11, 2015
    Pros - Idioticly clear(analytic but not boring), real nice mids and high, deep bass. Great looks.
    Cons - Have had a few dropouts in the beginning, not anymore.
    So I've owned a pair of these for a good 2 weeks now, and never leave the house without them.
    I've owned a pair of bluetooth Sennheiser MM100 headphones before these for years, which where pretty good, very good even. But I sold the MM100 within 1 week, of owning these MDR1RBT's. The MDR1RBT's simply blow the MM100 out of the water. 
    The sound is simply amazing, no matter what kind of music I play. Gospel, country, rap, techno, classical, rock, dance, jazz, you name it. My taste in music is very broad, and these headphones seem to adapt to what ever type of music is playing very well.
    I am suprised by how good it sounds compared to my wired desktop setup (o2/odac special edition from Mayflower+ HD650's). 
    The difference is noticeable when I switch from my desktop setup to bluetooth on my GalaxyS5+MDR1RBT, but only barely. And that is some high praise, right there.
    As expected, there is no need for an equalizer, because there is no real weakness , when it comes to low/mid/high on these headphones.
    The downside, however small it may be, to me, the leather earpads are less comfortable then for example cloth earpads, but these can be swapped I guess.
    Using the controls on these headphones does take some getting used to, but, once you've learned where every button is, it is actually really pleasant to have controls on the back of the headphones when you wear them. 
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  2. angel24
    excellent sound with or without wires
    Written by angel24
    Published Jun 2, 2014
    Pros - Excellent sound quality, comfortable Good quality construction and materials, long battery time.
    Cons - weigh slightly
    I like a good sound for my music I listen to rock , pop , ballad, techno , electronic etc. ... a little of everything to anime music . This headset then buy what you do not fill my expectations my mdr- 10r so I went to the older models like the mdr- 1rbt .

    The sound quality of the mdr- 1rbt is far superior to my previous mdr- 10r the sound is warm, natural and filled with more depth and better bass feels the wider music and the highs are detailed and not bother the ear means are clear and comprehensive basses are strong and good extention (media are clear all the instruments and vocals and the bass is deep with extension without disturbing the rest of the frequencies) and took a month to use them use them more with cable and a little with the bluetooth sound quality on bluetooth is very good almost no quality change is noticed the headset receives AAC format in highest quality transmission according to paguina sony seems perfect if you're not a purist if not you will have to buy the mk2 version which is more expensive with APTX .

    comfort is good feels comfortable on the ears and head can you feel something warm after a long period of use or if the day is hot, my ears with something great but I have no discomfort when wearing them , the other negative is the weight that weighs 297gr notice the time but you get used to start can be a nuisance in the neck.

    The quality of construction, I have no complaints good work in the plastic used is given the top grade plastic materials that could be used feels strong and durable, the battery lasts and lasts and lasts a long time before having to charge it is a wireless monster. 30 hours
    highly recommend it to anyone, it has a decent sound can use wired or wireless with a very good sound quality and they look great profesional.
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  3. CalebG
    Great Headphones; If You Can Afford It.
    Written by CalebG
    Published Mar 5, 2013
    Pros - Interesting sound, easy Bluetooth setup, comfortable in cool climates
    Cons - Interesting sound, sweaty ears in hot climates
    I recently got the 1RBT because I had a couple of Sony vouchers, and I have to say, while I am still uncertain of it's full retail price, I do really love this pair of headphones. The retail price is $498 Singapore Dollars.
    My experience with headphones were on the lower-end Grados and AKGs. With a total listening time of less then 10 hours; electronic music sounds good in general, with a nice not overly pronounced bass like the XB series, but can be via equalizer settings. With rock music, comprising of guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals, each instrument are defined, but somehow they all seem to want you to focus on them, which can then lead to fatigue. While defined, they also seem somewhat... muddy, if that makes sense. They just lack the "sparkle" like you would hear in a set of Grados. Perhaps this will change as it burns in. I do not get this problem with electronic music. The headphones boasts about an amplifier and sound engine, but I'm quite sure these are not in use when plugged in via cable, this is because, once a cable is plugged in, it will automatically turn off, and will not turn on if a cable is already in.
    2-week update: After about 2 weeks, it seemed that the sound has become more... smooth. Much less fatigue, bass thumps with enough impact but yet doesn't drown out everything else, and it sounds great no matter the volume level, an issue I noticed with the AKGs I had.
    Bluetooth Sound
    There is a noticeable difference between wired and Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth's limitations do get more pronounced based on various genres of the music. Electronic music generally is not affected too much unless you cranked the bass up via equalizer for example. But it's hard to describe the effect Bluetooth has on the music, it sounds as if there's a layer of static affected a specific range of frequencies, so it isn't that noticeable, but at the same time, it IS there, so you end up trying to find it (and do) when you get used to it.
    2-week update: Surprisingly, the headphone burn-in time did affect Bluetooth sound as well, or perhaps I got used to the static sound I was talking about; I used it with BT more then I do so with it plugged in. The one thing I would like to point out is that I have no issues with skipping tracks and the like. It is paired with a Nexus 4 most of the time. 
    Like many, I found that these are one of the most comfortable over-ear headphones I've ever gotten onto my head. But like have also said, it can get quite hot. And coming from a tropical climate, "quite hot" translates to "sickeningly hot and sweaty" if you find yourself without air-conditioning or just walking in the sun for a prolonged period of time. That aside, this pair of headphones seem to automatically "fit". Perhaps you might need to push it back or forth based on your own personal preferences, but it sounds the same, regardless. 
    Bluetooth Functionality
    It can't be easier to pair up the headphones to a device, especially if your device in question is a phone with NFC capabilities. With Bluetooth, I got a lot more control then I thought I would have. Play/pause, previous/next track, rewind/fast forward and volume. The mic can be used for calls, and having used it twice, it "works", but not well in noisy places.
    Build Quality
    Many have pointed out that most of the parts are plastic. Yes, they are. But at the same time, they feel extremely sturdy. Don't toss it around of course, but with most parts made of matte rigid plastic, you can be sure that it *could* take a few knocks and is probably more scratch resistant then those glossy, fingerprint-prone boutique headphones. Being made mostly out of plastic also ensures it's light, an important factor for those who are always on the move. Cable input jacks are covered with a hard but somewhat flexible rubber/plastic cover then snaps back into place. The only issue here is that the cable input itself does not have a locking mechanism, which means that anything more then a light tug would have it unplugged. It uses your standard mini-USB input for charging; that's great, as by now, unless you are a staunch Mac user, you would have at least 20 lying around in various places in your house/office. 
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  4. Necrontyr
    Fantastic Working Headphone
    Written by Necrontyr
    Published Jan 10, 2013
    Pros - Good Passive Insulation + Comfort , Good sound quality amped +un-amped , Very stylish and solid
    Cons - Not a metal headband as appears, Bluetooth causes some initial delay on every song played , Mic not sensitive enough for Siri / Android commands
    A very good headphone , fills a niche in my collection being quite Bass heavy as opposed to my other day-to-day headphone the Senn HD595.
    It is a very comfortable can , with very good quality faux leather for the ear cups , but it can get sweaty at times. 
    The sound quality when amped is superb and is only marginally different when used via Bluetooth, so close in-fact that if it weren't for the stuttering when changing tracks on my iPhone 5 I wouldn't notice. 
    Bass is very well controlled , maybe a tad over-present but that increases their enjoyment on public transport and in noisy clacky offices like my own , which seems very much to be an intended effect.
    Overall very happy with my new cans, .... even if my wallet isn't :)
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    1. akash neagi
      what amp do you use wit it????
      do you suggest an E17 or E12????
      akash neagi, Feb 19, 2013
  5. stickersteve
    I think I finally found my headphones
    Written by stickersteve
    Published Dec 20, 2012
    Pros - so far everything
    Cons - Have had a few drop outs
    I am writing this quick review after about 20 minutes of use so I hope I am not jumping the gun, but after trying 5 other head phones (sennheiser momentum and amperior, Vmoda M100, the new PSB and the bowers & wilkins P5) I could not find quite what I was looking for. Each had something I did not like about them. Today these Sony's arrived and I was instantly in love. I thought I was going to settle on the Vmoda's but in my opinion these blow them away. The Vmoda's seemed very muffled to me. Not much in the higher range. These sony's take care of that while keeping all the bass.
    I had them paired and up and running in about 2 minutes. There is a slight delay in the sound stream but I am fine with that. They are very confortable and what I love most is that I can now work hands free and take phone calls without having to be tethered to a cord. 
    I have noticed some drop outs. I am not sure if that is due to my streaming source or the fact that I might need to charge these. I turned them on right out of the box.
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    1. akash neagi
      Are you saying that while using bluetooth its better than the momentum?
      akash neagi, Feb 14, 2013
    2. stickersteve
      I cant say its really better. Its been a few months now and I dont remember what the momentums sounded like. These were just the right combination of sound, comfort, and convenience for me. I use them while working and they are paired with my iphone. when a call comes in, I just press a button and take the call. I hate wires.
      stickersteve, Feb 14, 2013


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