Sony MDR-ZX700

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Appreciate the true-to-life audio reproduction from the MDR-ZX700 – equipped with 50mm driver units that produces studio quality sound tracks. Ensures accurate sound reproduction with high power input and offers urethane-cushioned noise isolation earpads for pressure-reliving and comfortable fit. 360 kJ/m3 high power neodymium magnets are used to reproduce clear mid-range sounds and wealthy low range sounds.

Latest reviews

Pros: A steal at the street price
Assurance inducing built albeit mostly plastic
Well tuned
1.8m extension is a nice easy option
The cable is goddamn supple, the best at ita price for non detachable.
Cons: Non detachable cable
Non foldable
No pouch
It used to go for 100 when launched now you can find it for 40-60 relatively often (when it actualky pop up) i got mine from an auction for $30 and for that price, man its a steal.
Its neutral, has mid forward sound sig, and proper bass, its actually there. More than i thought it woukd from people's impressions, the treble is lacking so is detail. That, i expected. So far its one of the greatest deal i've ever got and this can easily compete with current 100-120 usd closed any day.


Pros: Hi-Fi 50mm drivers that fits in SA3000!
Cons: AM Radio Sound HP CUP Design, Worst hp uncalibrate SQ ever, my cheap archos earbuds sounds way better!
I needed new same constructed drivers for the SA3000, which originals were replaced in a defective SA5000.

Drivers transplanted into SA3000 with added 10 Ohm ground resistor to up the impedance to 34 Ohms.
Now the SQ is Hi-Fi without using extra headamp, All portable music sounds amazing without fatigue! like the SA1000.
I'm happy with SQ.
Only a dampening modding the ZX700 will probably fix the wrong unbalanced lifeless brassy SQ!
Greatest Sony design bug ever and they use same design over over again!? z1000, zx500, 7510 , 7520 etc.
They must really loved and proud of this POS ever designed for deaf ppl.
The reflecting mids tuned ports ruined the excellent drivers!

- Headband is too tight, earpad/cup too shallow touch and clamp my ear bloodvessels, so I hear my own heartbeat What.
- Pulled the headband apart to lessen the clamping, but now the cups swivels everywhere, because the backpadding isn't thick enough to create the angled fit.

- There's no dynamics in the sound because what you hear is boring plastic mids, reverbs and echos caused by the 3 big echo reflecting front grills and no dampening in the cup chamber, hence the plastic mids reverbs are reflected through the front grills!

- This hp can go straight to the garbage, if I have extracted the 50mm drivers transplantation to SA3000.
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Haven't touched my ZX700 for a year now, what a crappy headphone. 
Pros: Sounds good for the price, comfortable
Cons: Not durable
I used these for about three months at my desk at work. The left side went out in that short time. They were great while they lasted.
You haven't told us anything about the sound. You say that they were gerat while they lasted, what was good about them?
While I agree that they are on the fragile side and people have had severe problems with it , I on the other hand have treated them as **** and they still work perfectly , the zx700 might be the only headphone I have abused and they still seem to hold up just fine 


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