Slim swivel folding style for easy portability, Durable and lightweight flat cord, 40mm driver...

Sony MDR-ZX600/BLK Over the Head Style Headphones

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  • Slim swivel folding style for easy portability, Durable and lightweight flat cord, 40mm driver unit for high quality sound, Neodymium magnet delivers powerful sound, Resists high-power input up to 1,000mW

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  1. siltsunrise
    "Good for the price"
    Pros - Clean, neutral sounding, good bass.
    Cons - Slightly dull, but not bad
    I have good ears, but am not up on the lingo here, nor am I a phones snob. 
    I can only really compare these to what I have used for years, etymotic h5s, and my home speakers, Boston VS 260s (excellent speakers, I know what good sounds like.)
    These are fine headphones for the price. Nothing stands out harshly or feels too muddy to me. 
    Another reviewer described these to be like listening through a balaclava. I can actually hear what he means a bit, there is a slightly muffled quality about them, maybe I would say, more in the midrange, but it is nothing I noticed til he said it and I listened closely.
    I hear some good clarity on voices and high bits, that easily stands out above any of that muffled quality, and the bass is full and has a nice bit of punch. They have a warm sound.
    They won't blow you away, but they aren't expensive. Fine value in my opinion.
  2. earsoul
    "Quality for the cloth-eared"
    Pros - got it half-price, build quality
    Cons - loose & tubby bottom, no clarity, no top end, uncomfortable
    bought these in haste for $55 after losing my perfectly adequate koss porta-pros (which i think cost me whole $25 when the aussie dollar had value). I assumed that $100 RRP from a reputable brand must be a decent thing. so disappointed.  If these were $20 perhaps i wouldn't be quite so harsh, but...
    If you like to hear your music through a woolen balaclava, these are for you. no amount of EQ can fix them. Boosting upper mids or highs to compensate for the "everyone wants Beats" low skew just shows up how cheap and nasty these 40mm drivers must be. Cut at the other end and it all falls apart.  I'd hate to think what the XB (extra bass) series sounds like.  Since they can't really give good bass, they drown you in boomy, woofy low mids, obliterating any mid-range clarity. It's like you've been dumped in the surf and can't get that swill out of your sinuses.
    If you wear glasses (as i do) the pressure of the cans will leave you with bruising after a moderate session.
    I trusted the majority positive views online but i regret the purchase.  Had they been full price i would have returned them.
  3. BooZZysbm
    "Better than the Audio-Technica WS55 in every way possible"
    Pros - Very good sound quality, VERY comfortable, Decent cable size, Excellent value
    Cons - Headband has a questionable build, cable may be a bit short
    I've had these headphones since late 2012 and all I have to say is that they are the best sounding headphones I've ever had so far, and I've owned:
    - Sony zx300
    - Sony xb600
    - Audio-Technica ATH-WS55
    - Sennheiser HD202
    I can't say i'm that much of an audiophile, but do have a passion for music, in general and can tell when a song sounds unnatural at certain points. I recently bought the WS55 because I needed an extra pair of headphones and thought audio quality would scale with price, and that the ws55 would blow my mind... but it wasn't so. I mean, they perform good, way abouve average, but in certain songs (and i listen from metal, electronic, 80's, to folk, indie and pop) the mids were recessed just enough to make you focus on the actual quality of the headphones instead of the song. Anyway, I returned them because they were literally crushing my head and ears. After less than 2 hours, they were unbearable. Now then, the zx600's: I'd say they have a pretty balanced sound, with enough bass to really make you wnjoy even bassier songs (electronic, rap, hip-hop) and without messing with mids and highs. Other than that, very comfy, could stay all day and night with these headphones on, good sound isolation, little to no sound leakage. Also, I've had a friend's HD202 for some time and listened to them, but as I said in the beginning, while I was listening to music, there was something about their sound that made me conscious of it and distracted me from enjoying the music... the mids sounded a bit... off.
    Oh, and by the way: The burn-in I've heard everyone talk about is MUMBO JUMBO. A driver is a magnet under a coil that's attached to a membrane. Doesn't matter how much voltage you pump in your headphone, the membrane WILL NOT STRETCH any more than initial. I'm saying this because my zx600's sound today just like the day I bought then, and the WS55 sounded the same when i returned them like the day i bought them, no difference.
    The only design flaw of the zx600's is the headband. It's made from a fabric that's bound to wear off after some time (a year and a half and it's begun to wear off).
    Conclusion: If you listen to a wide variety of songs, have a small budget and are wondering what to buy, look no further. The zx600 are an AWESOME pair of headphones.
  4. Triquatra
    "Great quality and style for the price"
    Pros - Good sound at a low price
    Cons - very short audio cable if you're looking to DJ
    I bought these after popping into our local PC world and testing out all the headphones they had there. I was actually on a budget at the time and wanted to get as crystal clear sound as I could (none of that hyped up bass and brand nonsense) for a low price (£34). These were actually very well balanced, the bass was not at all over powering and let the highs (whilst sounding mildly thrashy) and mids poke through well. I no longer own these, as I hit a drawback with them - the audio cable is roughly a metre long. Whilst this might be acceptable for normal use I need these for DJing and you have to stay in close quarters to the console when you are limited to 1metre - no good for sifting through vinyl. I also noted the cable, which whilst looking very cool with its flatness also felt quite flimsy. In the end, my youngest son managed to tear the jack out of the mixer, and in doing so broken the nib of it. PC world were kind enough to give me a replacement which I put straight on Ebay.
    I have been DJing using my ATH-M50s, and honestly they are fantastic, I would continue DJing with them in a heartbeat if they didn't have a dodgy jack, and were a little more comfy...and perhaps a bit more fasionable.
    Anyway, I would recommend these to someone who just wants to listen to music in good quality, look good, and not burn a massive hole in your pocket. For DJing, not so much. It's also worth noting that the headphones a few marks up from this MDRV55's I think, not only appear Identical - but they also have the same short length of cable.

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