Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones

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  1. M-Techn1k
    "Decent set of headphones for the price"
    Pros - Lightweight, sound quality is not bad considering the price, cheap
    Cons - Lack of sonic definition, no bass, build quality (cheap feel and makes creaking noises), ear pad not great for long sessions, 3m cable too long
    As a budget closed-back set of headphones, I think they are not bad. The treble is rolled off quite a bit, which is not great in regard to clarity, but good in reducing fatigue on long sessions. Unfortunately, everything else do not promote long listening sessions, e.g. ear pads make your ears feel hot and sweaty after a while (2h or so), the creaking noise every time you move is very annoying.
  2. colgatetotal
    "Throwaway headphones of yesteryear"
    Pros - Inexpensive
    Cons - Almost everything else
    Paid $30 CAD at
    This is a 6-year old model that has been made obsolete by the MDR-XB series, but it's still produced for the value segment. Or maybe they were overproduced and stock needs to go.
    Anyway, these headphones aren't good. There's a distinct hollowness in the sound, and it feels very flimsy, though this flimsiness does make the headphone rather light on the head. The music/movie switch is useless.
    Don't get these. If you want Sony, look at the MDR-XB series and spend the extra cash. The MDR-XB500 and MDR-XB700 have received good praise.
  3. bcasey25raptor
    "better can be had for the price."
    Pros - comfortable
    Cons - sound quality, build quality, very big
    i got these for xmas a few years ago and i have been able to fully burn them in and give my impressions on these headphones. sound quality wise they are very boring. not really any bass at all and they are very unclear. the mids and highs sound harsh and you cannot understand a single word anyone is singing. i will leave it that for the same price you can get the portapros which i have heard are so much better. if you are on a budget get those. also these are really bulky and look atrociously ugly. though i find them rather comfortable but this is due to the fact they are light and they don't clamp much at all.