Extra Bass headphones are the ultimate for hip-hop and club music listening.

Sony MDR-XB41EX Extra Bass Headphones

  • Extra Bass headphones are the ultimate for hip-hop and club music listening.

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    bang for the buck
    Written by EPICFAILXD
    Published Aug 1, 2012
    Pros - bass, clarity + soundstage, price, bass, isolation
    Cons - Weird design, occasionally bright treble recessed mids
    so i got these expecting a muddy, murky mess. boy was i wrong! the bass extends well has HUGE impact, but weirdly, it doesnt overwhelm the mids and highs, unlike so many budget headphones. mids are recessed, no suprise about that. the highs were clear, detailed, and to my suprise they were slightly unforgiving of poor recordings (compressed mp3s etc), making them sound sibilant and bright. Dang! really wasn't expected a $50 headphone to do that lol :D The soundstage was decent, decent width and depth. comfort is pretty good, takes some getting used to. the isolation was great aswell, when i used the sony hyprid tips. however, the design is a bit of an oddity to me (mostly because the things are shaped to keep it in your ear) still at least theres no complaints about the durabilty xD
    Conclusion: for the price, these are effing awesome, despite some sonically and design related issues. 9/10.
    1. MandoBear
      I have to agree with you on these.  For the money, they are remarkable - and great value.  I bought mine for a great price off "that auction site", and liked them so much, I bought a second pair.
      The bass is rich and very extended, but has great control (and what I'd call discipline) - it doesn't smother the rest of the music.  There is a great sense of spaciousness and soundstage.  The midrange is clear and un-forced, and the treble range is clear, open and sweet, without sibilance.  What gets me is the amount of detail and delicacy I hear through these.  My source is a Sony MZ-RH1 HiMD player with recordings generally at 192kb/s or better.
      I find the fit and comfort just fine, but you do need to get the knack of getting them settled into your ear canals to get the absolute best sound from them.  Get it right, and it's like having a really good sub-woofer attached to your head.
      These really are remarkable in-ear phones - especially for the money.  They also come with a decent semi-hard carrying case which is of decent size and gives good protection.
      MandoBear, Feb 7, 2014


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