A genuine Sony Japan product. In a Japanese retail packaging. 1 year warranty valid only in Japan.

SONY MDR-XB30EX-B Black | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

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  • A genuine Sony Japan product. In a Japanese retail packaging. 1 year warranty valid only in Japan.

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  1. sanku
    "Value for money, pleasing and comfortable "
    Pros - Cheerful bass, pleasing vocals, Build quality and comfortable fit
    Cons - Highs, Sound stage, Cable is not completely tangle free
    Sony is known for the color of sound and quality product as we all know. This one is not any exception and does the job for what it is named "Extra bass". If one is on tight budget and enjoys sound having emphasized bass then these earbuds would be good choice. Now coming on the build quality, which is awesome. I have only issue with the cable which is not completely tangle free which some how does it's job well. As the clip included is not good according to me so there are lots of microphonics get in ,while simply walking .So don't event thing of running while wearing these on,but still they do their job well.
    Now about the sound quality let me be more specific in this area. As their name suggest their sound has much emphasis on bass but still they some how loose their grip on sub bass area. keeping this in mind the mids and highs are not that compromising, they all are present but bass takes all attention  towards it and thus the sound color looses its sharpness and energy. I am not a bass head but still I enjoyed these pairs.
    Hope this helped you!
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  2. LaRevolu
    Pros - Nathing
    Cons - Bad ergonomics, lousy sound, bass, echo.
    Es una porquería. Mal soniso, incómodos. ¿Qué Más?
  3. kpaxian
    "Great little thing for the budget"
    Pros - Great Sound for the price , Bass ,Price,reliability ,built
    Cons - uncomfortable at times (Sleeping), the base is not as crunchy as some other sony models, could be cheaper.
    This is my ultimate choice for the budget,my 3rd one is here (lost one and broke the other one).Good overall sound and fit for budget plus reliability.The Bass is a bit overwhelming at times (not very sharp) but you get used to it after sometime.IT SOUNDS BETTER AFTER ABOUT TWO WEEKS OF USE. 

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