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Sony MDR-XB20EX 9mm High Sensitivity Driver Extra Bass EX Earbuds

  1. zhengod
    Review of Sony MDR XB20EX
    Written by zhengod
    Published Dec 11, 2011
    Pros - Great Cable, Nice bass, Attractive design, good quality of accessories,
    Cons - Bass can muddle the highs and mids making them softer and recessed, the chrome paint scratches easy, not enough accesories
    These were the first pair of decent IEMs i bought and compared to the ipod earphones i was very thoroughly  impressed although i didnt review them until i had my Soundmagic PL30s so i knew what it was like to have good earphones.
    Initial impressions 
    These earphones are in a simple package as i unboxed all i could say was WOW. The presentation was so nice the shine of the chrome backing of the IEMs looked fantastic. It came with a pouch and S,M and L Sony Hybrid Silicone tips. The tips  are wonderful. 
    Sound Quality
    8/10 The highs are decent but are bloated and recessed by the bass but it is to be expected as Sony focused on bass in these earphones
    8/10 The mids are recessed but are pretty damn clear but again bloated by the bass.
    9/10 The lows are a strong point they are clear and defined and they are NOT bloated by the bass.
    9/10 This is where the XB20EXs excel the bass quality and quantity is excellent Though it can be overpowering its and absolute joy to hear and is surely enough for an average basshead.
    Build Quality:
    9/10 Build quality is awesome though paint can be scratched off easily and the cable is great its flat and smooth to prevent microphonics similar to the beats cables. The L cable and slight angle of earphones make it very comfortable and durable.
    The soundstage is quite compact even after an 100 hour burn in though it is much better compared to the ipod earphones.
    Test Tracks
    DJ Tiesto Squeeze It- The bass is great and the highs sound quite nice in this track.
    Adele Rolling in the Deep- The song sounds decent even though the mids and highs are recessed
    ACDC Black Ice- This sounded pretty bad as the song was not suited to the earphones.
    For the price its definitely a consideration and if you're a basshead then i would  choose this for you if your more of an audiophile then i recommend the Soundmagic PL30s though the build quality is better on the Sony XB20EXs