Sony MDR-V900 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

General Information

Studio Monitor Series headphones incorporate state-of-the art engineering design to produce excellent sound quality and wearing comfort to accommodate high-end consumer or professional applications. Circum-Aural Ear cup design in the natural shape of the human ear positions the driver unit at a correct distance from the ear canal and creates a sealed resonance chamber over the earlobe itself, reducing pressure on the ear for a more comfortable fit, especially during extended listening sessions. Oxygen-Free Copper Voice Coil construction provides exceptionally high power handling capability of up to 3, 000mW. Amorphous Diamond Evaporated Diaphragm stiffens the drivers to maximize their tonal qualities while minimizing additional weight for much more natural sound. Folding Design with supplied carrying case offers the convenience of easier portability. Reversible Ear cups for Single-Side Monitoring let vocalists and musicians hear external surrounding sounds naturally while simultaneously listening through one side of the headphones. Cushioned Headband adds to wearing comfort and a better overall fit. Class 1 Oxygen-Free Copper (LC-OFC) connecting cord used here is highly conductive for maximum signal transmission with the lowest possible signal noise or distortion.


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