Sony MDR-V700DJ DJ-Style Monitor Series Headphones

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The Sony MDR-V700DJ studio monitor and DJ headphones feature swivel ear cups for DJ and remix applications. The ear cups are reversible for added flexibility, and the swivel mechanism has auto return. The supra-aural design brings excellent listening comfort, 50 mm diameter driver ensures high fidelity sound. It has a wide molded headband for long lasting comfort and is folding for adjustments.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: decent sound, fairly flat, love the coiled cable.
Cons: Uncomfortable, they downright hurt.
The sound is nice and clear, but whether I'm listening to music for fun, or if I'm working on a project, the discomfort becomes unbearable after just a few minutes.  It is to the extent, that I'm shopping for new headphones now.  I just activated my head-fi account just today for two reasons.  (1) is to get info on new headphones, and (2) is to warn people about these headphones.  That is all.  Thanks for reading. 
This was my exact feeling on these. 
Almost any set of cans with "DJ" designated in the name are utter crap.
The head-band is made so you may manually bend it out, so the curve is not so extreme, resulting in a looser fit.  I have a big head so I had to do this, and now they feel great!


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, Easy to drive..
Cons: Really uncomfortable, build quality is so bad..
I have had these headphones for around two years but they decided to break a few months back. I read online how unreliable they were at the time but still decided to give them a try. They are extremely bass orientated which is perfect if you listen to a huge amount of electronic music like myself, They are loud, the highs are ok but the mids are shockingly poor. They are just over 20ohm if i remember rightly, they are easy to drive. They are meant to be for DJ'in and although i used them for that purpose i also used them to listen to music. They are really uncomfortable after a little while of fully wearing them, to the point that your ears really do start to really hurt. The durability is a joke, they tend to crack on the cheap plastic that controls the cups that swivel. The ear pads are removable to my knowledge but the cable isn't. They have been discontinued now but you can still pick them up on Ebay and stuff but if you ever did decide to do that be careful! .. there was a huge problem with replica/fake copies of this particular model. I paid around £150 at the time and they are NOT worth that amount of money. The cable is coiled and stretches, i found it to be ok but for some people it can really be annoying which i understand but the main purpose with this set is to use them for mixing music. These are good if you like bass but not much else 'stands out'. I would rather pick up a set of Sony MDR-V55 which to my knowledge is the next step after this model and has actually dropped in price significantly to around £45. These can be annoying if you use them as a portable choice because of the coiled cable..


New Head-Fier
Pros: durability, easy to drive, extremely loud, good isolation, powerful bass, shallow ear pads
Cons: everything is plastic, pleather on ear pads tore off, overwhelming bass
(excuse my english, it's not my native language)
The headphones feel kinda cheap. Pretty much everything on them is made of plastic, and if you move them around too much they tend to make a squeaking noise. No part of them has cracked or broke after more than 3 years of use, but I heard that tends to happen. The ear pads are made from artificial leather (I think), and they were okay, but after about 3 years they started to crack, and then started tearing off really soon (but you can get replacement for cheap). The pads are very shallow, meaning that after a few hours, your ears will be aching. The clamp pressure of the headband is quite strong as well. It has very little padding, but I found it quite comfortable. The cable is not detachable, but after years of use, it's still in perfect condition. It a coiled cable with both 3.5mm jack, and a screw-on quarter-inch jack, both gold-plated.
These headphones are intended for DJs, and they do their job quite well. They provide a substantial amount of isolation, perfect for working in loud night clubs (I know from experience). The cups rotate in all directions and are spring-loaded, great for pre-cueing tracks on one ear etc. At home, they are still a good all-round headphone, especially if you like more bass and/or listen to a lot of electronic and hip-hop music. They are not the most comfortable headphones, but if you take them of for 5 minutes ever hour or two, you should be fine. They can be driven from mobile devices without an amp, and they can be rediculously loud when plugged into my MacBook. They also fold up and come with a pullstring pouch.
With their bass emphasis they are more suitable for electronic music and for working in noisy environments (where you need to hear the beat...). The treble is OK, the mid-range feels a bit weaker and undefined. The bass is quite extended and feels precise, also reasonably punchy. I do not recommend them if you listen to a lot of acoustic genres... They perform well while watching movies.
A good investment IF you're a DJ, or you need them for studio work maybe...Value for money is not bad, they are quite durable. Sound is adapted for electronic genres.


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