Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

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  1. JK1
    "My V6 is also 23 years old"
    Pros - Very neutral sound. Great build quality.
    Cons - Ears get hot after a while.The only thing not built well on this headphone is the earpads. When mine gave out, I bought the Beyerdynamic velour ones.
    This headphone was my first high quality one. It sounds extremely neutral with good bass that is in proportion to the other frequenciencies. The midrange and treble also sound natural. What this headphone lacks and what you get by stepping up to the Sony V900HD(aka 7509HD) is a higher level of midrange detail. For the price though, this is an excellent value, however this is not on the level of the 7509HD or CD1000.
  2. fe2cruz
    "rugged bass heavy non-fi headphones"
    Pros - loud, convenient, light, collapsible, rugged/durable, sounds better without pads
    Cons - too much bass, weak pads, poor stereo imaging
    These make everything sound huge, loud, big & boomy. But its an artificial bass sweetening that is not right for mixing, monitoring, vocals or classical music. You can decrease the bass by removing the cheap weak foam, but it still won't be flat enough for mixing. I suppose its nice for bass players, drummers or djs that want the rhythm section of a song maximized in noisy environments for beat matching and such. All the harmonics and overtones of middle and high frequencies are lost though, making vocals and strings sound like they are compressed or cut short with a pass filter or parametric eq. You'll never hear anything with reverb or spacial stereo properly either. They are very rugged and loud but not good for proper listening.
  3. Smiling Jack
    "Great cans for $65"
    Pros - Netural sound, Folds for portability, coiled cord, comfortable for lengthy listening sessions, cord out one side
    Cons - Coil heavy for on-the-go usage, exposed wiring subjected to accidental fray/tear, earpads flake easily
    One of the best investments I've ever made.
    I picked these up in B&H New York to replace my previous set, Sony MDR V150.
    It's been six months since then, I can safely say that these headphones won't be leaving me anytime soon. The sound quality is neutral, as expected from Studio Monitors. The build quality is sturdy, with a thick coil for durability.

    Although purely subjective, I found that burning these headphones in changed the sound signature dramatically in comparison to their coming out of the box sound.
    Pick these up, whether you're for a new set of cans, or if you just want a backup pair.
  4. kenellenberg2
    "Great starters"
    One of the better ways to get addicted to the audiophile community cheaply. Neutral and beautiful. A bit hard to power with an mp3 player, but if you are using an Ipod to start with, you probably don't care about clarity. Build quality to last, I mean they have been around forever.
  5. mxs1030
    "MDR V6"
    Pros - Clean neutral sound, sturdy construction.
    Cons - Coiled cord gets a messy, pleather ear pads prone to wear and tear.
    Great for studio work or anything requiring accurate sound and isolation. Not the most musical of headphones, these are pretty much flat through the frequency charts. Cheap, sturdy and reliable.
  6. kem088
    "23 and still going strong"
    Pros - sound awsome
    Cons - want to wear them all the time.
    Thats right they are 23 years old, and still sound great .I have taken good care of them over the years. They are everything the sony discription says they are.