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Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

  1. kem088
    23 and still going strong
    Written by kem088
    Published Jun 17, 2010
    Pros - sound awsome
    Cons - want to wear them all the time.
    Thats right they are 23 years old, and still sound great .I have taken good care of them over the years. They are everything the sony discription says they are.
  2. mxs1030
    MDR V6
    Written by mxs1030
    Published Jan 28, 2011
    Pros - Clean neutral sound, sturdy construction.
    Cons - Coiled cord gets a messy, pleather ear pads prone to wear and tear.
    Great for studio work or anything requiring accurate sound and isolation. Not the most musical of headphones, these are pretty much flat through the frequency charts. Cheap, sturdy and reliable.
  3. kenellenberg2
    Great starters
    Written by kenellenberg2
    Published Jul 14, 2011
    One of the better ways to get addicted to the audiophile community cheaply. Neutral and beautiful. A bit hard to power with an mp3 player, but if you are using an Ipod to start with, you probably don't care about clarity. Build quality to last, I mean they have been around forever.
  4. Smiling Jack
    Great cans for $65
    Written by Smiling Jack
    Published Nov 20, 2011
    Pros - Netural sound, Folds for portability, coiled cord, comfortable for lengthy listening sessions, cord out one side
    Cons - Coil heavy for on-the-go usage, exposed wiring subjected to accidental fray/tear, earpads flake easily
    One of the best investments I've ever made.
    I picked these up in B&H New York to replace my previous set, Sony MDR V150.
    It's been six months since then, I can safely say that these headphones won't be leaving me anytime soon. The sound quality is neutral, as expected from Studio Monitors. The build quality is sturdy, with a thick coil for durability.

    Although purely subjective, I found that burning these headphones in changed the sound signature dramatically in comparison to their coming out of the box sound.
    Pick these up, whether you're for a new set of cans, or if you just want a backup pair.
    1. JamesMcProgger
      Hey, nice short review. from the V150 to the V6 was a big leap in soundquality. I think the V6 is kind at its pricerange, I dont think they are quite neutral though, but a good headphone nevertheless. and they are quite resistant, my father had a pair that lasted about 11 years.
      JamesMcProgger, Nov 20, 2011
  5. fe2cruz
    rugged bass heavy non-fi headphones
    Written by fe2cruz
    Published Dec 10, 2011
    Pros - loud, convenient, light, collapsible, rugged/durable, sounds better without pads
    Cons - too much bass, weak pads, poor stereo imaging
    These make everything sound huge, loud, big & boomy. But its an artificial bass sweetening that is not right for mixing, monitoring, vocals or classical music. You can decrease the bass by removing the cheap weak foam, but it still won't be flat enough for mixing. I suppose its nice for bass players, drummers or djs that want the rhythm section of a song maximized in noisy environments for beat matching and such. All the harmonics and overtones of middle and high frequencies are lost though, making vocals and strings sound like they are compressed or cut short with a pass filter or parametric eq. You'll never hear anything with reverb or spacial stereo properly either. They are very rugged and loud but not good for proper listening.
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    2. fe2cruz
      I believe you are correct at least in that the one I own is flawed. I've done some repairs and modifications. Once I find the right pads I will re-do my review.
      fe2cruz, Feb 27, 2012
    3. takato14
      You want the right pads? Beyerdynamic EDT-231V.
      takato14, Aug 16, 2013
    4. Pheckphul
      I don't know WTF Sony did with the pads. I've had a pair for 28 years. The pads were a bit worn on the edges after ~15 years when I came across Sony replacements for $20. These lasted about two years of very little use; basically the coating of the pads disintegrated.  Based on this experience I'd say Sony changed the formula for the rubber-like coating of the pads. Also, based on the age of my MDR-V6s, I'd guess they were actually made in Japan, which probably also has something to do with how well the originals held up.
      Pheckphul, Oct 24, 2014
  6. JK1
    My V6 is also 23 years old
    Written by JK1
    Published Jan 2, 2012
    Pros - Very neutral sound. Great build quality.
    Cons - Ears get hot after a while.The only thing not built well on this headphone is the earpads. When mine gave out, I bought the Beyerdynamic velour ones.
    This headphone was my first high quality one. It sounds extremely neutral with good bass that is in proportion to the other frequenciencies. The midrange and treble also sound natural. What this headphone lacks and what you get by stepping up to the Sony V900HD(aka 7509HD) is a higher level of midrange detail. For the price though, this is an excellent value, however this is not on the level of the 7509HD or CD1000.
    1. Sylverant
      Nice, my brother's was passed down from our uncle and is from 1986. These things both sound good and really last don't they?
      Sylverant, Jan 2, 2012
  7. burlak89
    I've rediscovered my entire music collection with these
    Written by burlak89
    Published May 9, 2012
    Pros - sound quality, look, build quality, collapsible, high quality plug
    Cons - earpads (can be replaced), long heavy coiled cord
    Let me begin by saying that this was my first foray into quality headphones. Previously, I would use crappy earphones that have been passed down or that I'd find here and there, I've never paid much attention to the quality of my music. I've tested out different ones at B&H - best place to go to if you want to actually listen to headphones before buying them. I guess J&R is the same but I haven't been there yet. And after a long search, I am so, so glad that I chose these headphones. 
    I'll preface by saying that these headphones require burning in. However, it's not a mechanical burn-in that I'm talking about, as I've had a set for a couple weeks, and then I returned them to get a better price from Amazon, so I've tested a new set with a "burned-in" set and they actually pretty much the same in terms of overall quality (I was surprised, since I expected some change in sound - I'll get to that in a bit). No, the burn-in is for the most part psychological. Expect about a week of listening before you get to the good stuff. But what a sound they create after getting used to them.
    The trebles are sharp and sparkly. Some complain about sibilance. They are right - there is sibilance, but it does not take anything away at all from the overall quality of the sound, and when the music calls for it, you hear it well - as you should. The mids are pronounced and easily discernible from one another - it's easy to tell between mid range instrumentation. And the bass is exceptionally clean and warm. It isn't boomy or muddy and it doesn't bleed into the upper registers. Depending on the track and how it was recorded, I've heard instances where I didn't so much hear the bass but felt it coming from within me. The soundstage is pleasingly large and airy for a closed headphone. Speaking of that, when music is playing, it doesn't leak out. That is, you can use these in a quiet library without bothering anybody.
    However, to be fair I will have to point out some cons in these cans. And they exist. First, if you are going to use these headphones outside, do yourself a favor and spare yourself the hassle. The card is super long, coiled, and somewhat heavy. You won't find a place to put it unless you have really large pockets. The way these are built, even though you can fold them, there really isn't a very neat way of storing them. They come with a pouch, but to be honest it's not very useful as I find it isn't big enough to contain the entire set. These are indoor headphones, plain and simple. Second, the ear pads may tend to hurt after some time of listening as the drivers are pretty close. But hear me out here. If you do go ahead and get these, do yourself a huge favor and get the Beyerdynamic Velour Padded Earcushions. Not only do these improve comfort as well as appearance (the headphones really do look like they would cost at least $30-50 more), but they also add some EQ to the sound for those who don't like a flat monitor sound. The only thing is they reduce the bass a little bit, but I didn't find this to be a huge letdown. Otherwise, sibilance is improved, mids are tighter, cleaner sound as the velour considerably dampens any lingering sound. This is a good thing. When the music calls for an abrupt stop, there is actually silence. When there is too much going on in the music, it helps to differentiate between tonality and timbre. Installation of the velour pads was somewhat aggravating, but with a bit of patience, you can get them on.
    Ah, one more thing. I've mentioned I had a pair of these for about 2 weeks before getting a replacement to get a better price. I have found through testing both that the sound was only somewhat different. Now, I can't be too sure whether it was burn-in or just differentiation between the two, and I've read other reviews that mention that each V6 sounds different. The burned-in pair had more sibilance, the new one has more bass. Could be that the bass went away - however, my impression is that burn-in improves rather than removes bass. But your mileage may vary. Between the two though, after installing the velour pads, they sound equally amazing.
    I can safely say that these headphones redefined my listening experience. I am enjoying music I've heard before so many times, but now in a new and different light. If you are going into quality headphones, I highly, highly recommend these. They will not break your wallet, and have been around for 2 decades - there's a reason for that. (There's also a reason for when you go to Wikipedia and search for the term "headphones", the first picture are the 7506 - the V6's twin.)
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  8. Thisten
    Good Overall
    Written by Thisten
    Published Dec 4, 2012
    Pros - cheap where i got them. Decent sound.
    Cons - The top of the headphones sometimes gets heavy and hurts. Mids are piercing and sometimes too much for my ears to handle.
    I had high hopes for these headphones. Heard so many good reviews and i had to get my hand on them. They're good, but not as good as i expected. Some songs sound better on some of my cheaper headphones ex: klipsch image s4's. Good thing i got them for 50 dollars at Fry's. If i bought them at retail price which was $109 at the time, i would've returned them.
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  9. MrViolin
    My First Circum Aural Phones
    Written by MrViolin
    Published Dec 6, 2012
    Pros - Detailed, comfortable, sexy, built like a tank, coil cord
    Cons - Ear Sweat
    Well, I've had these for 2 months or so, and they've served me well. Compared to my JVC's, these were crystal clear. I won't go into sound-stage and all of that, simply because I can't understand it at the moment. 
    These are my impressions after using them for some time, so I can't say much about burn-in. Although at first, they did sound a bit weird when switching over from my JVC's. 
    Highs & Mids:
    Ever since upgrading from my $10-20 JVC's, I was awe struck when I did some A/B testing. These were a lot clearer. The muffled voices that heard on my JVC's were crystal clear on the V6. Tracks I'd once thought were good were actually bad. It was like bringing color to black and white TV (no, not literally, just using it as a figure since I'm not that old [​IMG]). Vocals (jpop) sounded like they were supposed to. With my JVC's, I'd always thought that the singers had some pretty deep voices. 
    I'm not by any means a bass-head. Bass hurts my head if it's too much or something like in rap or current day American pop. Well, they already hurt my head from the bad lyrics, etc, but the bass and synthesized stuff hurts it even more.
    The bass on these cans are clear. Or refined if that's what you prefer :p They've pretty much handled all the bass that I've thrown at them. 
    Nice stuff. Cups are magnesium or some metal/alloy. The extenders are made of metal too, so I'm pretty pleased with the build. Dropped them 2-3 times within the past 1-2 months, and they're still fine! I've yet to take them on a trip (which should be within the next few months). There's also a neat pouch that comes with it [​IMG] something I wasn't expecting at all. 
    This is also my first phone to have a coil cord, and man, I love it. It's not too long or too short! It's long when you need it, and it retracts when you don't need the extra length. 
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    1. conheo
      Purchase price is very very nice. To comparision to Australia where a pair of V6 is cost arround 140aud... =))
      I also get one pair in 11-12 on amazon which must better price (38dola, not include shipping). And I strongly agree that it really looks cool when go out with it (better than zx700, dt700 and so on...). V6 has a good sub-bass as well (before it comes, my dt770 is the only one shine in that area)
      It is a very very nice can....highly recommend and would buy more on boxing day if amazon sale off again.
      conheo, Dec 7, 2012
  10. shrecks
    Review MDR V6 SONY
    Written by shrecks
    Published Dec 13, 2012
    Pros - great range, great detail, great build,comfortable,flat sound
    Cons - none i can think of
    These are my first pair of serious headphones if you can call it that. I am not a professional in the field , but i appreciate good detailed audio. Sony MDR V6s give u exactly that . These cans are brilliant at giving you some details that you might have never noticed with the stock headphones that most people buy out. The sound is true and very detailed . It may not be the thumpiest cans out there , but thats only because thse are studio headphones , and hence deliver flat audio. Great for appreciating how music gets produced and recorded. Very easy to tell good records using this , especially since it gives unadulterated outputs.
    1. H20Fidelity
      Very good headphone!
      H20Fidelity, Dec 15, 2012