Sony MDR-V300 Monitor Series Headphones with Folding Design

General Information

The Sony MDR-V300 supra-aural design gives users excellent listening comfort. The 30 mm diameter drivers are added for deep bass, high-energy Neodymium magnets fold much more magnetic field inside themselves than usual ones. Featuring high-grade metallic finish and folding design, it has reversible ear cups for single-sided monitoring.

Latest reviews

Pros: Big cables, tough, sound good on less power
Cons: pads go bad quickly,
I use these for listening while in bed or on my amp-weak laptop. I think Sony may have overpriced them, but sometimes I'm amazed at the bass for these little things. I don't think, like the last review that the Porta Pro design and sound can beat these. I stepped on mine and broke the forks, but tape now holds them together (pretty well I must add.) Where the pads were coming apart I sewed them. I still wear them every night when I'm sleeping, which I wouldn't do with the Koss (which look like something I got with my first walkman.) Yeah, spend some money and buy nice equipment; but have a back-up beater like these, and these will serve a purpose in your collection, being comfortable doing whatever you like. Music that is.
Pros: Fairly comfortable. Good frequency balance. Cheap.
Cons: Muddy bass. Muddy mids. Muddy highs. Forks break easily.
Note: I bought these years ago at Best Buy.  Today they're quite a bit cheaper.
I think the pros/cons pretty much sums it up.  They're reasonably well balanced in sound, but it's all pretty muddy and detail-less.
They're really fragile - the forks that hold the cups break very easily.  By the time I threw them away, both sides had been repaired multiple times.
There's worse headphones to be sure.  But spend your money on Porta Pros instead if this is your budget...  Or better yet, spend $110 on a pair of Alessandro MS1is.


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