Sony MDR-MA300 Over the Head Style Headphones

General Information

New Flexible ear fit mechanism lets you have the perfect wearing comfort and provides better sound quality, regardless the shape of the ear, 40mm driver unit reproduces powerful sound, Open-air type headphones can realize wide natural sound field

Latest reviews

Pros: Cheap, good sound for price, and comfy.
Cons: Bass isn't the best
I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to headphones and audio, so forgive me if I'm not good at reviewing or explaining things. The Sony MDR-MA300 is a surprisingly good headphone for a really cheap price. I bought them for comfort reasons and the fact they are open, but I couldn't find much on them in terms of audio quality so I was taking a chance with these. Turns out they beat my expectations in terms of audio quality and they are very comfy.
I have been using these with my FiiO E11 on high power and high gain. I find I quite like their mid-range and their treble. The headphones themselves have I don't know exactly what to call it, but a somewhat sweet tone to it. The bass was kinda flabby when I first got them, it has improved some, but it's still not the best, the bass is not as good as my Brainwavz HM5s. It has a decent soundstage. I found these headphones do quite well on movies and video games and they sound good on most music, I find them quite good all around.
I found them to be muffled and they lacked detail, bass was not very well extended, highs were rolled off.  Sent them straight back to amazon.
I had these a while ago, my knowledge and opinions of headphones have changed a lot since I reviewed these. I'm not sure what my impressions would be of them now.


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