Sony MDR-IF540RK Wireless Headphone System with Rechargeable Battery

General Information

Pump up the volume and groove about your listening room as you enjoy music or TV soundtracks with Sony's MDR-IF540RK Wireless Headphone System. This complete kit that includes a transmitter and headphones offers features like a Lightweight, open-air design, 30 mm drive units for deep bass, Automatic On/Off, and a Vibration Function (with level volume) for an exciting game and movie experience. Also utilize the two audio inputs to accommodate audio and video sources, the rechargeable battery, up to 45 hours of battery life (optional alkaline battery), a transmission range up to 24 feet, and a transmission coverage angle up to 90 degrees. The MDR-IF540RK enables an easy connection to your home audio system, TV, PC or VCR. Hear the difference.

Latest reviews

Pros: low interference, comfortable, alright SQ
Cons: heavy, useless features, hard to "dock"
Decent for a consumer-level headphone set.  I've been using them at the office for 2.5yrs now and they've served well in that environment. I can wear the headphones all day without getting sweaty ears or any other fatigue.  I do remember them feeling very heavy at first but I quickly got used to it.  Now when I swap in my cheapo Sennheiser HD201s due to dead batteries, they feel absurdly light.
Sound quality is "okay."  They're up there with any mid-to-upper consumer-level headphones I've tried (all in the $20-$80 range).


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