Sony MDR-HW700DS Wireless Headphone 100-240V (Japan Import)

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Imported From Japan.

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Pros: up to 9.1 surround. Dolby Digital, DTS, HDMI switcher
Cons: Do not place near wireless router!
I've owned my pair since they first came out in Japan.  The price fluctuates quite a lot from month-month here in Tokyo.  My advice would be to purchase from Amazon at the lowest possible price.
Physical impressions of the outside are that it's very plain. A black plastic box with a few recessed switches on the top and on the sides. Can do 2.4ghz/5ghz or auto selection.  Can be charged while using.  I do not recommend charging while in use though since it is a known way to kill battery life far quicker than normal much like any cellphone.  HDMI switcher for 4 inputs, has one output.  Also has one pair of analog RCA inputs.  Fiber-Optic input/output so you don't lose a port.
Sound quality wise. For music it's more than adequate.  You can play music from your PC using the Optical input and the sound quality overall is 8.5 out of 10.  It doesn't have the sort of ultra high-fidelity that you'd expect from the really exotic *expensive* headphones.  HDMI input playing the same source using My OPPO 103 as a source unit is beyond fine.  Watching and listening to Gladiator, the fight scenes get your blood pumping. The bass is weighty, precise and has the attack of most any top-end headphone. Playing games using a PS3 is equally enjoyable.  In short, using the unit as a switcher and also music through your PC is very simple and quite enjoyable.  The sound is engaging.
Micro USB port on right ear-cup for charging with the power switch just above.
Left ear cup has a rotary volume control which I use often and have not noticed any noise from repeated use.  Menu button which has a flicker switch.  Effect button to chose several pre-set listening modes.  Input selector switch that also works as a ID switch in case you encounter noise and want to change channels that the unit operates on. Also has built in power switch when you place them over your head. When you set them down, the unit will automatically turn off.
It is made of plastic/rubber/PU-leather.  Though the materials are cheap, they do wear exceptionally well as I have yet to hear any squeaks or noises of any sort, and I often wear them while falling asleep.
Sound leakage does exist but only when playing any source at "exciting" levels. 
Surround sound.  Sorry to say this but it's not truly "Surround sound" 5.1? 7.1? 9.1?  I can't really hear a huge difference no matter how much I adjust the settings.  The soundstage is far wider than most stereo only headphones though.  F14 will not buzz over your head or F16's.  It will however seem to have significantly more presence than a 2channel headphone.  
Changing any of the delay, or other finer settings requires the use of OSD,  This means you must have it connected via HDMI to be able to do any detailed setup.  I suppose it's a trade off and far less expensive than any other form of design and also reduces clutter.
NEVER place the sending unit near your wireless router!  You will get constant cut-outs/drop-offs.  Fiber-Optic cables should be of a high quality nature that have a well defined bump to help lock them in place.  I've noticed more and more that the makers of fiber optic cables have progressively used softer plastics which makes for a less secure connection.
All in if you want to enjoy some music, or a movie without waking up your neighbor then these headphones are terrific.  The distance you can achieve is dependent on several factors but I would say that you have plenty of room to move about.  The transmitter is powerful enough to go through several layers of drywall.
Placing the sending unit is limited only by the AC adapter.  Avoid placing it near your router and also avoid placing it on the same plane.  A 6" difference in height will change your range significantly.
I'd rate this as a solid 8.5/10.  Everything is built to a price and as far as "Surround" headphones go, I think these are the best.  Alternatively you can always get a bluetooth sending unit and bluetooth headphones but you're likely to notice a delay.  There is no such delay with this unit. At least not that I've noticed.
Currently being sold in Japan for ¥43,190