Sony MDR-F1 Full-Open-Air Headphones with Impedance Compensator

General Information

Your personal audio experience begins with Sony's MDR-F1 Full-Open-Air stereo headphones. Featuring a Full-Open-Air system for a wider stereo soundstage, a Newly Developed Extra-Large Driver Unit with an Acoustic Bass Lens, and Ecsaine head and ear pad material, these headphones bring you exploding sound and comfort as you listen. Its Magnesium Alloy Frame and Super Duralumin Headband add to its creative design.

Latest reviews

Pros: comfort, lightness, design, sound
Cons: deep bass lacking
Best comfort in a headphone I ever used. Nice in hot weather because it is so outrageously open!
The auto headband is genius and solid in 8 years of use.
Sound is very good across the spectrum, relaxed and detailed. But the deep bass is lacking, while it's not critical, it's not a studio headphone for mixing. Otherwise it is perfect for watching movies, listenning to music relaxing in a long chair.
The real bonus is that it can be used with cheap smartphones or ipod jack outputs and play loud with good quality!
One of the best domestic headphone for non critical listenning. Many females love this headphone because of the world class comfort.
The frame and ear cup are made of high tech magnesium, light and non resonnant.
Excellent audio experience with those cans!


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