Sony MDR-EX90LP Stereo Earphones

  1. dantelectro
    Was good while it lived
    Written by dantelectro
    Published Feb 20, 2013
    Pros - Look, sound, comfort
    Cons - Durability
    It's sadly discontinued now, and i couldn't really find a Sony alternative at this price and value.
    It looks good, the housing is made of strong high quality plastic and metal, sounds good and forgiving, and is comfortable with decent isolation.
    Mine doesn't work anymore. To make the J-cable, Sony took 3 separate cables, each different in length and soldered them together. It ripped at the soldered section 4 or 5 times over the 6 years i was using it. I was able to solder it every but the last time. The strain reliefs also broke on both earpieces after a couple of years.
    I'm going to try to avoid J-cables and go for Y-cabled IEMs.

    Rest in pieces.