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Sony MDR-EX56LP/WHI EX Style Headphones - Hybrid Silicone Type Earbuds (White)

  • Successor model for MDR-EX55 ¿ change to new hybrid silicone type earbuds for better sound, more comfort, and secure fit ¿ three sizes (S, M, L)

Recent Reviews

  1. JamesHuntington
    Great Buds!
    Written by JamesHuntington
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - Fit is great when they stay in my ear, L shaped plug is the way they should be
    Cons - lets some wind in, fell out a lot
    I really like Sony stuff, these are no exception. Best deal for around 20 bucks that I've found. The sound seems nice and bass is good. I like expensive stuff as much as the next guy but when you mountain bike through brush and get them ripped off all the time and damaged, I think you can't go wrong.


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