General Information

Deep bass sound and secure fit angled earbuds for supreme comfort

9mm driver unit, high density acoustic resistor, hybrid silicone earbuds (S/M/L), 1.2m Y-Type cord

Experience deep bass sound
Cord slider to prevent tangling
Secure fit hybrid silicone earbuds

Latest reviews

Pros: Balance, Immersion, Mids, Workout phones
Cons: Lack of Bass, Treble Hurts
When I got these headphones I was expecting something more than the ex-10lps, but what I got wasn't really that. The treble is very crashy, sometimes to the point which it isn't pleasant to your ears. The mids are alright, only sometimes will they be distorted by the other registers. The bass is lacking, despite the box saying that it has "Rich Bass".  One of the things that I do like about these buds are the fact that they have a very in your face type of sound, this is the only thing that I noticed is better than the 10s, my 10s have a very recessed sound, meaning that it's not a engaging as the 50s. Another plus with these headphones is the fact that when working out they don't fall out due to their design.
Pros: Comfort.
Cons: Build quality, sound quality, isolation
I bought these because the sound of the wind I could hear during cycling while wearing headphones was annoying me and I figured I might as well give IEMs a try instead of buying another pair of headphones, however I did not want to spend a lot of money on something I might not find comfortable.
In short, these IEMs are harsh and sibilant with an overwhelming amount of muddy and bloated bass which makes the mids sound really recessed, I wouldn't recommend using them without any form of equalization as that huge treble spike around 7-8kHz is really going to cause listening fatigue. The cable feels flimsy and fragile and the same could be said about the plug, I would be surprised if it didn't break within the first two months of using it.
Pros: Satisfying controlled bass, good sounding but not great mids( needs eq), Treble is pretty good and cymbals come with a nice airy crash
Cons: cheap feel cable, build quality of the jack is cheap and nasty
I bought these because I previously had some Yamaha EPH20 In-Ear Headphone which I was happy with but did not suite my for the large variety of music I listen to. First I will compare between the  Yamaha and Sony, both brands I trust greatly for budget ear buds. The yamaha I brought because I fancied something with some booming bass,fit was excellent and kept the noise out well I even used them to protect my ears using land machinery. The bass was thumpy but it was more of a rumble rather than hard hitting bass, bass was not very detailed as I expected because I spent about 10 pounds. I listen to classical music and other old types of music as well as dubstep and that hard hitting music and although Yamaha did hit the bass well with dubstep they tended to end up making classical music sound drowned with the bass.
I have bought the Sony's and I notice a nice difference, personally I find the bass more controlled but not too distant for a on off bass head that I am; if the bass is weak for some a few tweaks with the equ for ipod fixes the problem. The mids are okay they are not as clear as I liked with some of the vocal songs but they are clear enough for a ten pound set of buds, again the mids can be tweaked with the eq but it isn't really needed. Now the bit which pushed me off Yamaha was the over powerful bass and hissy tinny highs. I think It is fair to say Sony have done a pretty good job in producing their highs and I would agree when they said their magnet enabled clear precise highs. I am not saying these are wonderful in highs but I am more than pleased with what I have been given providing the price I paid. 
I do know what I am talking about here and you really have to try more than one brand to compare, I have the westone 4r with a cable from BTG audio and I can say that is the best of the best in my price range at this moment. If I was caught out without my Westones I would happily listen to the Sony.
The build of the main bud is good and I like the clear flush white look but the cable is a bit tacky and flimsy and the jack feels like weak rubber which is a concern but I will update in a month on how it is going


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