Sony's newest flagship style. The flexible ear hangers and vertical in-the-ear tapering keep the...

Sony MDR EX1000

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  • Sony's newest flagship style. The flexible ear hangers and vertical in-the-ear tapering keep the earbuds in place providing a secure and comfortable fit. This high spec model embodies Sony' s cutting edge technologies in music reproduction to provide a truly pure audio experience. The next generation of EX-700! With Closed Dynamic 16mm drive units, removable cable and sets of earbuds!

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  1. mrstrangeguy
    "A classic IEM that stands the test of time"
    Pros - Bass Slam, Dynamics, Sound stage and imaging, Resolution, Clarity, Comfort
    Cons - Isolation, Source dependent, Treble peakiness
    It's been nearly six years since the EX1000s were first launched, at that time, with a launch price of $999, they attracted much uproar over the rising price of audio gear, how times have changed since then...
    In short, how have they held up? Very, very well.
    The first thing one notices about the EX1000 is the rather awkward shell shape, which protrudes out of the ear by a large margin, while weird at first, it actually makes for a very comfortable wearing experience, especially for those who have small ears that may find the normal blend of multi-ba shells too big for their ears. Unfortunately, isolation is sacrificed as a result, so for those looking for Ety-level isolation, look elsewhere.
    Once these are on ears and music is being played through them from a good source, some qualities start to stand out:
    1. Bass slam and decay is one of the best I've heard in an IEM, these big dynamic drivers can move a lot of air quickly, while there isn't a big amount of bass presence, whenever called for, the EX1000 punches unflinchingly hard and extends very deep, without any of the "mushiness" that can be present in some BA IEMs.
    2. Soundstage and separation is excellent for an IEM, this is probably due to the fact that the driver is much further from the ears than a normal IEM, as a result, they throw out a big, 3-D stage, making it easy to separate instruments and vocals.
    3. Clarity, possibly as a result of the staging, is also very good, every element of the music can be separated onto its own plane, with a black background in between the elements, which makes picking out small details in the tracks relatively easy, even if the Sonys may lose out on ultimate resolution to the modern crop of TOTL IEMs, midrange is detailed while being very grain-free.
    4. Highly Dynamic*, the EX1000 can brutally assault your eardrums on loud sections of tracks, while presenting music in a very soft manner in quiet sections, just about all the multi-BA IEMs that it was compared to suffered from some compression compared to the Sonys.
    5. Treble emphasis, from IF's FR graph, one can see noticeable peaks at the 5k and 7-8k mark, this corroborates to sibilance in vocals and cymbal "splashiness", which combined with the general treble lean, can make these seem somewhat fatiguing.
    *Source dependent, from something like a mobile phone, dynamics and clarity suffer, the EX1000s are inefficient for IEMs and prefer more power in the source, I personally use HM650, which powers the Sonys very well.
    In conclusion, for those of you sick of the BA driver wars, and the countless thousand dollar, hundred BA IEMs that spawn from it, I will highly recommend you take a look at these Sonys, while they lose out on isolation and treble smoothness, they offer qualities that, 6 years later, are very hard to match by much more expensive competition.
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  2. Hawaiibadboy
    "Sony MDR EX1000"
    Pros - Clarity and sub bass extension with excellent mids and the largest stage I have heard in an IEM
    Cons - Tip rolling is a necessity and the non Japanese versions are definitely packed differently and maybe more
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  3. dubbcd
    "Good sound quality, solid bass, high fidelity"
    Pros - high fidelity at this price.
    Cons - hard to replace cable
    USED Shure E5, 425, 535
    EX1000 is a good start to have a taste of pro sound. 
    Islation is not that good when music isnt playing.

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