Sony MDR-E827G Sports Series Fontopia Water-Resistant Ear-Bud Stereo Headphones

General Information

If you're toiling away at the office, put your ear to this: the high performance Sony Fontopia headphones that give you superior sound in a convenient, lightweight design.Water-resistant design helps keep out moisture, Super-light in the ear design, Directional Bass Cap enhances bass sound, High-Power Neodymium magnet. Neodymium Magnet for maximum energy in minimum size; Neodymium is comparably more powerful than conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets. Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit provides high efficiency, gets high sonic output from your portable stereo and extends bass down to 16 Hz. Fontopia In-The-Ear Design fits snugly, yet comfortably inside the ear and eliminates the headband so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating or dancing. Directional Bass Cap design enhances bass reproduction and provides better playback with Sony Mega Bass products. Compact, Wind-Up Case neatly stores the ear-buds and headphone cord when not in use. It is ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse.


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