Sony MDR-E818LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Headphones with Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit

General Information

High Quality 16mm Driver Units / Neodymium Magnets for Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound / Comfortable In-Ear Design

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality, durability, price
Cons: Isolation
These headphones are great. If they fit, they cannot be beaten at the price. Unfortunately, I can't even keep earbuds in my ears, much less have them isolate.

If you need replacement earbuds, this is the right choice.
Nice review. Thank you
Pros: Fine bass for buds, clear mids
They play music. Sound quality is mediocre. Fit and build quality is awful.
I picked these up for $4 on amazon I wasn't expecting anything good really but wow was I wrong. They have great lows along with a really clear sound I would pay $40 for them. 
Strongly recommended.
The Fontopia were my favorite earphones before I joined Head-Fi. I had bought 3-4 MDR-ED12LP/R on separate occasions in a duration of 2-3 years. I had an 80 GB Ipod... Nostalgia !!!
Great earbuds!


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