High Quality 16mm Driver Units / Neodymium Magnets for Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound /...

Sony MDR-E818LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Headphones with Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit

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  • High Quality 16mm Driver Units / Neodymium Magnets for Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound / Comfortable In-Ear Design

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  1. phillyd
    "Amazing for the price, but still earbuds"
    Pros - Sound quality, durability, price
    Cons - Isolation
    These headphones are great. If they fit, they cannot be beaten at the price. Unfortunately, I can't even keep earbuds in my ears, much less have them isolate.

    If you need replacement earbuds, this is the right choice.
  2. Headzone
    "Replacement choice for stock apple earbuds"
    Pros - Fine bass for buds, clear mids
    They play music. Sound quality is mediocre. Fit and build quality is awful.
  3. asxz
    I picked these up for $4 on amazon I wasn't expecting anything good really but wow was I wrong. They have great lows along with a really clear sound I would pay $40 for them. 
    Strongly recommended.
  4. Mheat122134
    "Get them!"
    I have had these earphones for quite a while now and they still work perfect like new. They offer a great bass sound that doesn't distort highs/mids with very balanced sound, clarity and a wide soundstage. 
  5. reddragon
    "Amazing sound for the price"
    Pros - Bass, clarity, rich and dynamic sound
    Cons - None
    The bass on these is amazing and can rival low end in ears. It doesn't drown out the other parts of the sound because it actually sounds like there is a separate layer of bass on the music. The clarity is good and the sound is rich and dynamic for earbuds, especially for its price. I have tested these against earbuds in the same price range (Panasonic RP-HV152, Sony MDR-E10LP, Philips SHE2640) and these outperform them in every single aspect in terms of sound quality. These are portable, comfortable, and inexpensive as are most earbuds in general. Great earbuds from Sony!
  6. Carbine
    "Good budget earbuds."
    Pros - Sound quality, bass, portability, durability.
    Cons - No cons other than there are better options.
    These are quite common in retail stores in my city (Toronto) and cost around $15-$20 CAD. I've been using them for years, because they are inexpensive, sound decent and are portable. They don't sound too distorted at high levels. I never had mines break, never had audio jack or audio cut out problems, but then again it really depends on the user, because I am very careful with my belongings.
    Overall, these are great as replacement earbuds; a great inexpensive earbud for every day use instead of stock ones. Of course, there are better ones, but these are great for this price range.

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