Sony offers the MDR-E811LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Stereo Headphones. Fontopia in-the-ear design fits...

Sony MDR E811LP - Headphones ( ear-bud ) - black

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  • Sony offers the MDR-E811LP Fontopia Ear-Bud Stereo Headphones. Fontopia in-the-ear design fits snugly, yet comfortably inside the ear so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating or dancing. Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuitry uses sound chamber and ducts for improved efficiency, gets high sonic output from your portable stereo. Silent Cap prevents sound leakage, makes your music less likely to disturb your neighbors. Neodymium magnet assures maximum energy in minimum size. Neodymium is far more powerful than conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets. 13.5 mm Diameter Driver is small enough to fit inside your ear. PET diaphragms ensure high rigidity for minimum distortion.

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  1. Nec3
    "Old, yet great!"
    Pros - Transparent, clear mids, smooth, forgiving on bad recordings
    Cons - Bass <100hz roll off, Highs >12khz roll off, shallow soundstage
             As of 2013, I could only find one pair of these on the internet. It's a shame because from my experience, cheap earbuds are oriented around the muffled bass emphasis and exhausting higher mid ranges. I myself came from the Audio Technica a900x and Bose IE2's which sound darker compared to these $10 earbuds. I love rich vocals and acoustic music, so it's only natural I loved these earbuds.
             The E811LP sounds very transparent and clear on the mids, almost as if music is just floating to my ears rather than being pushed by large headphone drivers. Due to the open nature of these earbuds, I would even like to say they are less exhausting with female vocals better than my a900x, especially when the singer begins to shout at the top of their lungs. They sounded great with acoustic music and pop rock involving female vocals. Forget about electronic music, metal, classical, and pop; these earbuds are JUST midrange, no bass and textury highs to support those genres. Since it's just midrange, any instruments or vocals around the same frequency will become muddled in the shallow soundstage.The bass sounds like a door knock, similar to smacking a mallet on cement. The highs roll off a lot, high hats are smooth and present. Though transparent, these do leak sound at higher volumes and begin to distort starting with the midrange. We could say these are cheap open back earbuds made for quiet environments to listen in.
             What else do I like about these earbuds? Well, they are old! What I like about old stock earbuds that came with a cd walkman player is that they are tuned right. These aren't marketted with the newer digital walkmans that emphasizes EQ'ing. The E811LP don't extend at all from both ends, but they are smooth and roll off at just the right points to justify themselves as Acoustic Earbuds.


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