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  1. Teska
    "I wanted a MDR750 but I got a MDR CD570 !"
    Pros - Stylish, self-adjusting headband, comfortable, bright sound, build to last
    Cons - Earpads are a joke, no mid-bass, highs a bit harch
    It was 1994 and I was in the middle of recording my first demo with the band. The studio we where at had this supurb Sony MDR750 headphones that I fell in love with ! Great sound, really crisp highs. I came home and told my wife "gotta have that one !" So she went out and was planning to buy me one as a surprise... and came home with the MDR CD570 cause the sales guy made her believe it was the follow-up on the MDR750, yeah right [​IMG]
    Anyway, after I've had this "I didn't even wanted this one" discussion with my wife I listened to it and discovered it sounded the same - as I could remember - as the MDR750. That's when it started it's long life at the Teska residense.
    Soundwise the MDR CD570 is "strange" as it has loads of treble, a nice subbass, but there is a clear absense of low mids. But I could remember that the MDR750 had a similar sound. So I guess it's a Sony thing ? I got use to the sound and liked it a lot. I mainly listen to rock and metal so there's no need for pounding bass anyway.
    Buildwise the MDR CD570 is great, nothing broke in 19 years of usage. The only thing that had to be considered a joke were the earpads. After just a few years they started giving off litte chips of fake leather. Giving you black dandruff around the ears. Then the earpads tore open on the inside, exposing the yellow foam inside. From that point on the sound was terrible and the HP was retired.
    A few weeks ago, when I bought the BD DT770, I got interested in this Sony again. I searched for some replacement earpads but there weren't any made for them. End of story... or not ?
    Cause it happens that just for comparisement, I bought a cheap Superlux HD681 B and meanwhile ordered some AKG vervet earpads for it. When I pulled off the fake leather earpads I decided to fit them onto the Sony, since they were big enough to go over the cups. So I did and they fitted better then expected.
    With the "new" earpads the MDR CD570 suddenly sounded like back in the days again. And now it's getting a second life !
    What I really love about it is the fact there aren't so many Sony MDR CD570's out there. It's a rare headphone and in a way ahead of it's time with the self adjusting headband, allthough it was probably copied from AKG. It even looks good with the AKG style earpads and when I get the change I will post a photo.
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