Sony MDR-10RC OverHead Headphone - Black

Sony MDR-10RC OverHead Headphone

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  • Sony MDR-10RC OverHead Headphone - Black

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  1. djmuzi
    "Great bassy super comfy headphones"
    Pros - - very comfortable
    - very deep bass when eq-ed
    - very smooth mids and treble
    - good details for its class and despite bass peak, eq-ing helps a lot
    - excellent price to value considering the current prices
    Cons - - bass too thick, veils subbass
    - despite being very comfy it sits very loose on smaller heads
    I was just curious when I ordered the Sony 10RC from Amazon Warehousedeals for 37€ only.

    I usually listen to the Philips SPH9000 or the Sennheiser HD558 which has very subtle bass response.
    When I want more bass I listen to the Creative Aurvana Live! (CAL!) and to the Logitech UE6000.
    They are by no mean bass monsters but delivering a good amount of it.

    The 10RC have a very prominent bass hump in the upper bass department.
    It took a little time to get used to this sound signature.

    The Sony delivers a very smooth music listening experience with no harsh treble or mids. When I use an equalizer to lower the bass from 150Hz-80Hz it works miracles. The subbass becomes more prominent and the sound experience gets easyer. The thick bass comes handy in loud environments on the other hand

    They are a bit loose on small heads, so no sports allowed :wink: But they are very comfortable. You can forget that you have them on.
    The sound-isolation is very good and again the bass hump is welcome in loud environments.

    To sum this up: for 37€ it's an exceptional value for money!


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  2. harry501501
    "Can compete with mid range sets!"
    Pros - Fun, warm bass, good detailed mids and highs, wide soundstage, exceptional comfort
    Cons - slightly recessed mids
    The only thing I will say about the build is that they are made of quality materials, stylish, and one of the most comfortable headphones I've ever wore. They are so lightweight but not fragile.
    These are slightly V shaped.
    Great sub bass, typical of the MDR range. Warm and present. Not of basshead levels, but those looking for fun bass with impact you'll like these.
    These are blended in with the bass but still good detail. A bit forward. Harmonies sound great and of decent detail.
    Really good highs for a set with the amount of bass they have. Cymbals sound great. Actually have a decent amount of detail.
    These have great wide soundstage. For the price point and size I'm really surprised how wide these go and the amount of detail and volume present. I have AKG k550s, and these have wider soundstage.
    These came on the market at £100 and offer some fantastic value at £35. These are a great starter if you're interested in the Sony MDR range and will give you a good feel for the sound signature. I've heard the MDR 1As and although better, these are not that far off... especially as they're nearly £70 cheaper.
    A friend of mine agreed that these are better than Senn HD25iis which we both own. Senns have slightly more detail and i mean slightly, but these are much more fun. They are basically just a warmer version with only the type of bass that differs. Senns are more punchy and accurate, these are warmer with more presence. Both very similar level of detail in the MIDS and HIGHS. But they MDRs have a much much wider soundstage, HDs are very congested.
    These work really good for watching movies as you forget you're wearing them they are that comfy. Action movies are great, helped by the wide soundstage they have.
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