Sony ICFCD833 Dream Machine Clock Radio/CD Player

General Information

Wake up in style with this clock radio by Sony. Don't let the space-saving design fool you. This multi-function dream machine lets you wake to CD, radio or alarm - and insists you stay up.Built-in compact disc player provides digital sound with virtually no distortion, approaching the impact of a live concert. Digital synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM Stereo radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio talk and music programming. Wake to CD, radio, or alarm and start the day by listening to a favorite compact disc or radio station, or waking to a traditional buzzer. Wake to any track on the CD simply by pre-programming the desired track before retiring. Mega Bass sound system with 3-position switch produces rich, deep bass tones with low harmonic distortion. Dual alarm system permits two separate wake-up settings, an especially useful feature for working couples. 5 Random Station memory Preset provides convenient one-button tuning of your choice of five radio stations. Built-in stereo speakers enhance the realistic listening effect with individual left- and right channel speakers. Dream Bar shuts off alarm temporarily to allow a few extra minutes for snoozing before it turns on again. Sleep Timer shuts off system automatically after a pre-set length of time. Forward/reverse time and alarm settings are easy, speedy and efficient to set. Backlit LCD Digital display shows time, mode, selected radio band, compact disc track, and other information in large LCD numerals that are easy to see even in dark. Self-powered back-up system requires no battery to maintain settings in event of blackout or other power failure. Space-saving design makes this clock radio ideal in modern bedrooms as well as on desk or counter top. Antennas include built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM, wire antenna for FM.


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