Sony D-NF430 CD Discman

General Information

Product Details:

Designed with serious music fans in mind, the Sony D-NF430 CD Walkman lets you listen to your favorite CDs, MP3s, and radio stations in style. The sleek portable player is ideal for listeners who already have extensive music libraries, as it comes with bundled software to burn and play back everything from MP3 to ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus tracks. The latter is an advanced audio compression technology offering multiple bit rates, allowing you to create music compilations tailored to your listening preference. More significantly, a single CD-R/RW disc can store up to 490 ATRAC3plus selections when burned at 48 kbps, thus saving money, time, and storage space. Listeners who want a little more variety in their music can turn to the built-in digital AM/FM tuner, which also offers accurate drift-free tuning of select TV and weather stations. The tuner is ideal for catching a special report on NPR, listening to the ballgame, or receiving a quick 24- hour weather forecast. And switching between those stations is quicker than ever thanks to the 51 station presets, including 30 FM, 10 AM, four weather band, and seven TV presets. The D-NF430 offers a wide array of playback modes (18 in all), ranging from repeat and random play to track programming to bookmarking. The five-direction control key, meanwhile, makes navigation a breeze. The CD Walkman's no slouch from an audio perspective, either, with such features as a parametric equalizer that lets the user set not only the amount (in dB) by which a certain frequency band is boost or cut, but also the width and/or center frequency of the band; Digital Mega Basss sound, which employs digital processing technology to produce rich, deep bass tones with extremely low harmonic distortion; and a two-position Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) that maintains the volume output at levels below the distortion threshold for cleaner sound reproduction. Best of all for joggers and other active users, the D-NF430 offers Sony's skip-free G-Protection technology, which ensures quick recovery from horizontal and vertical shock. Other details include an easy-to-read three-line LCD, multilingual support for LCD text and ID3 tagging, a set of earbud headphones, and an auto-shutoff feature to conserve battery life. The D- NF430, which runs for up to 413 hours on a single AA battery (not included), measures 5-1/2 inches in diameter and 1-1/4 inches tall.


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