Sony D 555 Discman

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  1. Fidelity182
    "Except for the battery life, this is an exceptionally good sounding player made by Sony "
    Pros - Poor Batt Life
    Cons - Sound quality is excellent, analogue feel !
    None other then myself, player is long gone !
    Back in 1988, when it was first launch by Sony.
  2. mbhauzer
    Pros - Outstanding sound
    Cons - Rechargeable battery life
    Bought this player and the accessories for in-vehicle listening when driving from MD to/from OH in the early '90s.  Unfortunately, vehicles then did not have aux inputs.  I used the (in)famous cassette adaptor to listen to my U2, INXS and other CDs during the 6 hour drive.  The D-555 is/was incredible; the car's speakers and cassette adapter - not so much.  I loved the surround and EQ settings that created a very pleasant listening experience despite the constraints of the balance of the setup.
  3. faichiu
    Pros - the best line out
    Cons - not really portable
    People call this King of the Sony Discman.  Ebay used to have super high price on this item.  
    I own one before and the line out is super.  Phone out is not that powerful but very good for female vocal.