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Portable cd player.

Sony D 555 Discman

  • Portable cd player.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fidelity182
    Except for the battery life, this is an exceptionally good sounding player made by Sony
    Written by Fidelity182
    Published Apr 14, 2013
    Pros - Poor Batt Life
    Cons - Sound quality is excellent, analogue feel !
    None other then myself, player is long gone !
    Back in 1988, when it was first launch by Sony.
    1. Honkytime
      think you got your pros and cons mixed up
      Honkytime, Apr 14, 2013
  2. mbhauzer
    Written by mbhauzer
    Published Jan 1, 2012
    Pros - Outstanding sound
    Cons - Rechargeable battery life
    Bought this player and the accessories for in-vehicle listening when driving from MD to/from OH in the early '90s.  Unfortunately, vehicles then did not have aux inputs.  I used the (in)famous cassette adaptor to listen to my U2, INXS and other CDs during the 6 hour drive.  The D-555 is/was incredible; the car's speakers and cassette adapter - not so much.  I loved the surround and EQ settings that created a very pleasant listening experience despite the constraints of the balance of the setup.
    1. warubozu
      Glad to hear that you're enjoying your unit, unfortunately the D-555 has a over hyped and over priced reputation and there are other better sounding and priced vintage PCDP options. It's not the "King of PCDPs" that everyone seems to bestow upon it.

      warubozu, Jan 1, 2012
  3. faichiu
    Written by faichiu
    Published May 11, 2011
    Pros - the best line out
    Cons - not really portable
    People call this King of the Sony Discman.  Ebay used to have super high price on this item.  
    I own one before and the line out is super.  Phone out is not that powerful but very good for female vocal.
    1. alphaman
      I've owned this unit, the infamous Optimus CD-3400 (1994 "audiophile" portable CDP from Radio Shack; it has a SPDIF out), several late-model Philips and Panasonic discman. I also got Philips small "CD/DVD-man" PET724 (that has a SPDIF out, too, and sounds way better than the D555).
      All I can say is ... I'm glad to be rid of those cumbersome units.
      If you want WAY, WAY better sound portably, get a QLS-QA350 (that has SPDIF), or Teclast T51/S:Flo2. So much more convenient, if you EAC-rip your CDs, as you can throw so man albums onto a single (tiny) SD memory card.
      The Philips PET724 could play 24/96 DVDs, it still does not sound anywhere close to the DAPs I noted above. The HiFiman 801 can do high-rez up to 24/96 I think. The Fiio X3 is due out shortly ... that should do 24/192
      Those old Discman are inconvenient and unreliable (esp. with age). Think forward, folks!
      alphaman, May 12, 2011


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