Sonos - Connect (ZP90) Cullen Mod

General Information

The Connect or ZP90 is a digital wireless transceiver that is capable of bringing all your music sources into any existing music system with an auxiliary input. These sources will usually be your hard drive music library such as iTunes, but can also be (i) Internet Radio, (ii) online libraries, and (iii) a source directly attached to any other zone, which might be a CD player or a DAB+ or AM/FM radio, for example. You could say that the Connect turns any existing system into an independant Zone controllable by the Sonos controller. Note: You may also need a Bridge (formerly Zonebridge) to connect to your router if you are not directly connecting this unit to the local network via ethernet cable. or if you have no other connected Sonos units already in the home.

This version of the Connect has been modified to improve sound quality, using Rick Cullen's modifications - this is achieved by re-clocking the digital data and upsampling it and thereby both reducing jitter markedly and offering higher resolution. This of course results in smoother texture in the high frequencies, better definition overall, and more spacious soundstage - in short a more complete and improved rendition of everything! Provided you're using a good DAC, and feeding it from the coaxial (not the optical) output of the Cullen ZP90, you're going to get extremely good sound, comparable to many top CD players. These units are factory set to 192kHz, so are at the forefront of current technology.


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