The Somic E-95 v2010, is also known world-wide as "Ozone Strato Evo". They're both made in the...

Somic E-95 v2010 Real 5.1 Surround Headset

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  • The Somic E-95 v2010, is also known world-wide as "Ozone Strato Evo". They're both made in the same factory in China and hell, the E-95 v2010 is even superior by having a better microphone, a carrying case and a better appearance.

    This is one of those "real" surround headsets, on which it's quite easy to notice where your enemy is. It's USB powered and has a common HD Audio C-MEDIA 7.1 USB Soundcard.

    This Headset has 6 Speakers plus 2 vibration units. It also has a good microphone and an external USB card with volume and drivers control.

    As a gaming Headset, the Somic E-95 v2010 and Ozone Strato Evo make a good affordable choice for those who can't spend more than US$ 60~70 on PC Headphones without having to buy an amp or an off-board sound-card.

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  1. drackiem
    "This headphones are great but most people don´t exploit his real capacity"
    Pros - excelent price, quality sightly below the best in the world, real surround for music in 5.1 , 7.1 , blu ray and games, perfect microphone quality
    Cons - the surround software should use more the center and bass channels
    Most users review them whitout never try flac music in real 5.1 or 7.1 channels, or never played a game like airplane simulator, racing or any real surrond game, so they never knew what this great headphones can do, the software is medium quality and that seems made medium quality all the headphones, but his true potential is when you hear sound recorded in multichannel then you will be in the heaven [​IMG]

    Compared to the very best headphones in the world this one will get a 3.5 star but taking in account his price i give them 5 stars, you will not get so much quality, possibilites and capacity for gaming or music HD with any headphones cheaper than this one is almost like have one of the best audio headphones of the world, but at half the price [​IMG]
  2. wetto
    "Good for Gaming, Average for Music"
    Pros - Real Surround, Packs some Bass, High Quality Mids. A good gaming headset which isn't actually overpriced.
    Cons - Lacks clarity on highs, vibration unit distorts the highs and mids a bit, uses way too much energy from a USB slot.
    These Headphones were the first "good" headphones I bought. Before them, all I could find in my ****ty country were extremely low quality unknown brands or Philips ****.
    This Headset has 6 speakers, from which 2 are high-quality front speakers and the other 4 are the rear and center speakers, which have lower volume and quality and also two vibration units, one in each ear.

    This can be quite good for gaming, the scenes with extreme bass (such as earthquakes, explosions and the kind) have strong vibrations, while on games such as Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, the wind sounds extremely nice, making you shiver when the headset vibrates a bit.
    But the nightmare starts when you try to listen to music. The Rear and Center speakers have some clear difference with the Front speakers. The rear and center have no bass and their highs are extremely harsh, while the mids aren't all that good either. In the other hand, the Front speakers have clear and smooth mids, some good amount of bass but lacks some highs, especially their clarity.
    Due to this, I always found myself removing all the volume from the Rear and Center channels when I had to listen to music. Then, it really sounded good.
    They're extremely confortable and come with a carrying case which makes them really look cooler.
    Manual's all in chinese and it needs some configuration tweaking and Burn-In to make them sound nicer.
    While it really is a good gaming headset for a nice price and MUCH better than anything Razer has to offer, it's just as everyone probably knows. Gaming headsets focus too much on having resonant and slow basses and somewhat good mids and forget to have quality on trembles.
    This is a product indicated for gamers, and it's surely not something audiophiles would enjoy.
    But for the price of only US$ 60 (with the shipping to Brazil) without having to buy any amps or external sound-cards for you computer, when you only have that damned Realtek Soundcard? Hell, it was damn worth.
    Although nowadays I don't own this Headset anymore, I had to sell them to pay for the Somic G989 Real 5.1 Surround Headset and the Shure SRH550DJ I bought... And sometimes I really regret that I did that, since the G989 is heavy, unconfortable and big as a helmet.
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