SOL Republic Tracks

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Tracks are the first interchangeable on-ear headphones featuring V8 Sound Engine™ speakers, switchable cables and “Sound Track” headbands.

SOL REPUBLIC engineers developed a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech,™ which makes them virtually indestructible. For total comfort, the team designed the Tracks ear cushions to be large and lightweight. The optimal balance of size, style, sound and comfort Tracks have extreme comfort because the ear cushion is large and lightweight so there is reduced pressure on the ear Tracks are available in black, white and red.

Engineered to be superior in sound, powered by the SOL REPUBLIC Sound Engine that is a private, personal speaker system
Nearly indestructible, as every Sound Track band is made of FlexTech™, our advanced polymer compound
Equipped with 3-button remote and microphone

Latest reviews

Pros: Great Bass, Good Mids, Near Indestructable and Barely any sound leaks
Cons: No case and hurts ears after prolonged use
What we have here with the Sol Republic Tracks is a headphone that can go head to head to Beats headphones.
There are many reasons why they can but I've condensed it down to key reasons why the Tracks can go up against Beats
1. Price
Beats retail at around $200 - $300
Sol Republic Tracks retail at around $40 - $75
2. Durability
Sol Republic has invented a headband that is near impossible to break and trust me I've tried bending and stretching this way and that way but yet and still they still are in pristine condition
Beats on the other hand are easy too break too easy in fact. After a month of steady use my Beats broke for no apparent reason as I opened them which just boggles my mind how such an expensive headphone can be so cheaply made.
3. Sound Quality
The Sol Republic Tracks as a Beats competitor naturally are focused on Lows more than the highs and mids which I have to admit for the price they do this very well. I was able to listen to Seal's Daylight Saving and could clearly hear the bass and it wasn't too overwhelming.
The Beats on the other hand focus too much on bass while listening to the same song some of the detail was cut off. Now I get that these were tailored with hip-hop and R&B in mind but headphones at least in my opinion should still be versatile.
Are the Sol Republic Tracks perfect? No
Are they worth the buy? Yes
Odd title choice because "Beats" might as well be a profanity on this site. You're new here so you don't know but there are many things here better for the price than beats. From Sennheiser Momentums, to SoundMAGIC HP100, to Aiaiai TMA-1 to Monoprices more expensive offerings (~$60) to Audeze's product line (>$1000).
But welcome to Head-fi and the hobby that will empty your wallet.
well, MrLazyAnt, I thought it was a great comparison because they are both directed towards the same crowd of people. They are both mainstream headphones, so I honestly think its a good comparison. And I'm sure he knew there are better things than beats if he found head-fi in the first place :p
Fair point well made
Pros: good sub-bass you can feel, very crisp and clear. Interchangable parts, good build and very fashionable.
Cons: Sol republic cables can break easily and are near 20$ to replace.
These are a great entry/mid level pair of headphones. I think any mainstream person should give them a try because of their reasonable good sound quality, (Much better than mainstream Monster headphones, and for a much better price!) And their cool style. I will go over the headphones in-depth, concerning the sound quality, comfort, isolation, and build, etc. I will write this review mainly to the regular consumers. 
Introduction - About the Company
Sol Republic is a global electronics consumer company. Sol Republic was founded in 2011, by 3 men named Scott Hix, Seth Combs, and Kevin Lee. SOL is an acronym which means "Soundtrack of Life". It's meaning is that the company strives to offer quality headphones for people from any lifestyle.
Firstly, you guys should know that the Head-Fi link is linked to the wrong pair of Sol Republic headphones. The REAL Sol Republic Tracks are only 60-70$, which is incredible value for all the benefits that you can make out of these headphones. These being more mainstream than other "audiophile" headphones, I expected them to be more expensive. However, compared to all the Monster brand headphones, these are a steal for their price, and for their price they actually provide reasonably well sound quality, with other benefits I will name later in the review. So overall, their value is awesome and I feel like you get a good pair of headphones out of what you pay for.
The build of these are incredible. I can't stress enough how sturdy and durable these headphones are. You can bend the head-band perfectly straight horizontal and it won't even show any signs of breaking. Yeah, that's pretty amazing. The body of the headphones are made of a hard plastic, and the ear-cups are a plastic-leather type material. You could drop these headphones to the ground and have nothing happen to them. But, something to note, the sides are sleek and seem like it could be scratchable, so you should be aware of that. Also The headphone's parts are interchangeable, which means if you break it you can easily buy a replacement. There is one flaw, however, and this is the cables. The cables are easily breakable and I have seen many people complain about their cables breaking and them having to buy a 15-20$ replacement cable. This is why you shouldn't fiddle or play with you Sol Republic cables, they are fragile. I admit, I did that quite a lot; I would roll it in my fingers, twirl it in my fingers, etc. And I ended up paying for it. So now you know, be careful with your Sol Republic cable. 
Boxing & Accessories
The Tracks boxing isn't too fancy, but it is relatively nicely packaged up. The cover looks cool also. The Tracks will be packaged in Pieces, and you will have to manually put it together. (The headphones themselves are lying parallel to each other, and the headband is above them. The cord is wrapped up and in more packaging.) Also, the Tracks come with a leather carrying pouch.
Sound Quality
The sound quality is something that mainstream people can enjoy much more than audiophiles. After all, once you go audiophile, you never go back, right? This is more than average good sound to the average person. and don't let me talking about the sound this way push you away from getting these, hear me out. The sound of these headphones are purely fun, and punchy. The highs are great, but the mids on these are a bit dark and muddy. The mids aren't completely terrible, but they don't really have the "pizzazz" that most people look for. The treble is fairly good. Now, to the bass. Wow, for their price, these headphones have an incredible amount of sub-bass. (By the way, amping these headphones is unnecessary, it won't make much of a difference.) If you're wondering what sub-bass is, sub-bass is the bass that you can feel. The Sol Republic Tracks sport a quick, punchy bass on the surface that you can feel; not that broad, boomy, muddy bass that many mainstream headphones have. 
Now, talking about the sound-stage: These headphones don't have much depth to them, everything is on the surface. This is why I said that audiophiles wouldn't appreciate them; because they are a bit on the flat side. However, towards the regular consumer, no difference would be heard. (It's true, they were my first pair of good-quality headphones, and I really didn't notice or care until recently when I compared them to one of my Audio Technica headphones.) I say all this because I believe both audiophiles and regular consumers will stumble upon my review. So, remember, these are flat sounding. Next, I will compare these to the Beats Solos, a big mainstream headphone.
Beats Solos vs. Sol Republic Tracks - Firstly, the Sol Republic Tracks have an obvious price advantage to the Beats Solos. Tracks are nearly 90$ cheaper then the Solos. Now that that's out of the way, lets compare build and sound quality. The build for Beats Solos is a cheap plastic. This is one of the places where Beats gets the most hate, especially by mainstream people. Unlike Sol Republic Tracks, Beats don't have interchangeable parts, so if you break the cord, you break the whole thing. If you break the headband, you break the whole headphone. Beats have a very weak headband that is prone to snapping--Which I have already seen with three of my friend's Beats. However, comfort-wise I think the Solos and Tracks are neck and neck. They both have nice, plastic leather ear cups. The rest, comes down to the sound quality. Beats are renowned by mainstream people for their bassy headphones. The Beats Solos and the Tracks have very different types of basses. Beats Solo's bass is a bit more darker and muddier, while Tracks have clear, punchy bass. The Beats Solos may have a bit more of bass quantity than the Tracks, but it shouldn't make much of a difference. The Beats Solos have a little bit more depth in sound, however, they extremely lack in treble. Their highs don't compare to the Sol Republic Tracks either.
Overall, with no biases, I think Sol Republic Tracks wins over Beats Solos. The price and build quality of the Tracks was a deal-breaker, and the overall sound quality of both headphones is somewhat similar, the beats being a little better in that they have more depth. However it is too small of a difference to be a deal-breaker.
Fitting and Isolation:
First I'll talk about the fitting of these headphones, then later in this I will give information on it's isolation.
The fitting for these headphones are great. You can't really go wrong with these. The ear-cups are soft on your ears; you could wear these for hours upon hours with your ears getting fatigued. There is very little pressure put on your head, which makes them very, very comfortable to listen to music on. You can adjust your headphone to literally any size you want; using Sol Republic's unique headband adjuster. (It truly is a unique idea, there are no headphones like it with that kind of adjustment.) Overall I give Sol Republic 9/10 in comfort, which I believe would be one of the very positive things about these headphones. 
The Isolation is quite well. Leakage is also minimal. I think it is very adequate to be used on planes or other means of travel. You can hear any little things that are happening, and if somebody is talking to you their voice will be muffled. Surprisingly these have much more isolation than my over-the-ear Audio Technica headphones. You shouldn't have to worry about hearing background noise unless you are in an extremely noisy environment.
Helpful Specs:
Headphone Type: On-ear
Channels: Stereo
Wires: 3.5 mm stereo connection
Cable Type: Y-Cable
Removable Cable?: Yes.
Interchangeable Headband?: Yes.
Inline Controls: Volume, Mute, Microphone.
These headphones are great for the average consumer looking for a cheap pair of headphones that has great audio quality, amazing comfort, and an awesome build that consists of interchangeable parts. They are very customizable; As in you can buy just about an color head-band or cord to match your style. They are also sound-isolating. Not to mention, these are very fashionable headphones. I confidently say that anybody will enjoy these as they take steps into the better audio-quality world. 
My name is Cody, and I hoped you enjoyed my review! If you have any questions/comments feel free to comment down below! 
If you guys any question about these headphones/about this review, leave a question in the comments! :)
Pros: Strong, solid bass impact. Excellent Build Quality.
Cons: Mediocre treble. Extremely muddy mids.
I was impressed with the build quality. The headbands would never break, and the earpieces (aka "Sound Engines") are made of metal. I'll be comparing this headphone to the Grado sr80i and the Audio Techinca ATH M50, which both cost a little more than the Tracks. I used Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) AAC (256 kbps) as a testing song as this song is poorly mastered in such a way that any form of boominess or bass leakage would be detected quickly.
Overall, I was very impressed with the bass on the tracks. It has a very strong, punchy bass, free of any sort of bass leak (which the ATH M50 suffered) or boominess. This is done without sacrificing the quantity of the bass (where the Grado sr80i suffered).
However, the mids and highs is where the Grado sr80i and the Audio Technica M50 would rip the Tracks into pieces. The highs are not as precise as the Grado sr80i and the ATH M50 despite the siblance (ATH M50) or shoutiness (Grado sr80i). The mids are absolutely ABYSMAL. It is very muddy and poorly defined. The melodic line of Summertime Sadness Remix is poorly defined after the drop of the song. Same goes with the bassline. To add salt to injury, the Koss Portapros (a headphone that cost half as much as the Tracks) has better mids than the Tracks. Overall, the Tracks sounded like a bass modded Grado sr80i underwater! Because of this horrendous flaw, I cannot recommend this headphone other than anyone who wants a Beats Solo on the cheap. 
Only get them if there is at least a 40% discount.
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