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HD Version of the SOL Republic Tracks for $139.99

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Pros: Good, Clean Bass; Strong; Interchangeable
Cons: Can get uncomfortable. Muttled mids and highs
I bought these a little over two years ago and have used them just about daily. They are built strong and made to last, that's for sure. These headphones are perfect for those who could care less about the melodies and just want some ear rattling bass. I also found that these are pretty good when listening to classical music, though they excel at heavy bass electronica such as Dark Electro, industrial, heavy drum and dubstep and the German techno song in Super Troopers. Never had a problem with the drives despite how many time they have been dropped and scratched. In fact the only problem I have had with these was when I ripped the wire out of the left headphone. Thankfully all I needed to replace was the cord and it was fine. I have developed a slight rattle in the right drive due to age, use, and the fact I tried my hoof at making music and nearly went deaf. But overall these headphones in my opinion, are much nicer than the more expensive Beats and the other Audio Technicas that are around the same price.
Pros: Bassy, great build quality, interchangeable parts, looks great, customization.
Cons: Sound, uncomfortable, cheap cables,
I bought these cans 2 years ago and sold them to get the ATH-M50, which then lead me into the audio world.

Overall these are good portable headphones with great build quality. The sound, however, is where these are suffer.

I liked the idea of picking a custom headband/wires/driver to match your style.

The overall sound presentation is very congested and muffled. There is no clarity or detail. The bass, though, is fairly good. Plenty of mid bass and subbass for all the bass-lovers. The midrange is recessed, and so are the highs.

Get these if sound is your least priority.
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Agree with your review.  Build quality is the only positive.  Purchased the V8's on sale today, and returning them tomorrow.  Actually got a headache trying to listen to them.
Pros: Interchangeable parts, Customizable,
Cons: Can be uncomfortable, Mids aren't clear (not to talk about highs)
I bought these after a friend recommended the to me and I gave them a short try. First I was really happy with them as they sounded pretty good, bass was great, although it has some trouble with highs and mids aren't clear all the times (it was made for everyday bassheads after all). A great plus was that it was fairly easy to get free (limited edition) headbands for it through the soldierofsound website. But then problems started...
Noise cancellation is good, I had no issue using it on public transportation. Due to the headphone's simple and swappable design it's fairly big and it might look like you wear the heads of toilette pumps on your ears. The cushion on the headband and the cans are really soft and comfortable but the headband itself can be pretty tight if you have a big head. Headbands are durable, as the company states indestructible, and come in an endless variation of colors and designs. The cord seems to be a little bit cheap and it feels like its easy to tear them (especially after it splits into two lines). Remote is pretty ****ty, the fake metallic surface got scratched in the first few days, mic quality is okay.
The headphones lasted half a year. I started to notice that the left can sometimes distorts bass and that it makes a weird clicking noise every time I move my head. I wrote customer support on the 18th of December, I was told that my replacement cans will be shipped immediately - they haven't arrived yet because of stock shortages...


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