General Information

Headphone amplifier built-in
USB controller chip Burr-Brown PCM2707
Digital input receiver chip DIR9001 with:
- This chip has better sound quality than the popular CS8412/4/6 commonly used in other DACs. It can play sound with much more detail and accuracy.
Main DAC chip is Burr-Brown PCM1793 with:
- 24bit/192kHz Sampling Advanced Segment Audio Stereo DAC
- Dynamic Range: 113 dB and THD+N: 0.001%
- 8x Oversampling Digital Filter
OPAMP chip: Burr-Brown OPA2134
Headphone AMP: Burr-Brown OPA2604+TIP41C*2+TIP42C*2 (Referencing the SOLO headphone amplifier)
Digital Coaxial/USB input, RCAx2/6.35mm stereo analog output


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