Main features: 1:Audio amplification--Use Texas Instruments' high-end op amp chip BB-OPA2604,And...



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  • Main features:
    1:Audio amplification--Use Texas Instruments' high-end op amp chip BB-OPA2604,And use TOSHIBA audio expansion flow tube A1358/C3421 amplification to drive headphone?
    The whole selection of following brands imported quality components:
    WIMA, NICHICON, ELCON, TI-BB, VISHAY, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS, and crafted with quality craftsmanship, maintaining the characteristics of high-quality products.

    2:The compact and sophisticated. small stature High power.
    Pre and post class design. 2604 for pre-processing.
    post class use TOSHIBA A1358/C3421 two pairs of two-channel high-current amplification, and strong drive. BB2604 audio professional-grade op amp is the recognized voice of many music lovers op amp one, high resolution, the sound is sweet and delicate sound style close to the high-level tube amp.

    3:it has two sets of audio interface input, and can simultaneously enter the two groups of sources, using the front panel select for files switch to switch, convenient and practical

    4:the switch machine installations in the relay control off the power supply, an effective solution to the pulse impact on the headphones and the human ear.
    Gift Monster original gold-plated 6.3/3.5 Plug adapt to different specifications of the headphone plug.

    5:Shell aluminum materials, CNC high-precision machining, wire drawing oxidation treatment. PCB double-sided gold PCB. Custom solid aluminum knob (anti-skid design), well-made.

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  1. Joong
    "Small wonder"
    Pros - Sound quality, form factor, higher power / price
    Cons - Power adapter is weak
    I didn't expect this little Chines guy to generate impressive sound.
    When it is pairing with DT990 - 600 ohm, Cello concerto of Britten superised me of its crisp sound and wide soound stage with enough volume.
    In comparison to many times expensive amp unit, I could not pinpoint its weakness against.
    I think anyone cannot easily buy this performance per this price or many times more than this.
    It is really a small wonder, it constantly reminds me of myths regarding to audiophiles' believe system.
    Really an amp is fundamentally basic structure with this relatively small bandwidth of audio signal.
    Problenm is naturally in resonance-uncontrallable headphone, not in amp.
    This fact makes really a sense in the ultra low priced but wonderful amp.
    Why do we spend a big money to a really in biased way?

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